it’s sneakernight

Cannot believe they’re using a Vanessa Hudgens song for the NCAA women’s theme song.  What?
This idea kind of has been percolating in my head for a few days.  I saw how popular Rebecca Lobo’s Twitter has become, but I honestly didn’t feel like just giving you small soundbites, no matter how funny hers are (and they are pretty hilarious…loved that she told everyone that my dad takes pictures of Clive Owen to the hairdresser).  Anyway.
An interesting tidbit of info: My dad turned 55 yesterday, which is my younger brother’s basketball number at St. Joe’s.  I like it when numbers match up like that.  Unfortunately they didn’t make the NCAA or the NIT, but I think they have a good shot next year.  He’s a good guard with a great mind. 
The Vermont game looked to the outside viewer as your typical blowout from us, but when you look closer, there were really some astonishing things going on in there.  When Jacquie Fernandes made those two threes, the entire bench lost their minds, something that I think is indicative of how much these guys like each other.  They really are all great friends and would do anything for each other.  And that team chemistry, I think, is what will carry them pretty far in this tournament.  And all of the credit to the world to UVM for playing their butts off for all 40 minutes of the game.  Courtnay Pilypaitis (God I hope I’m spelling that right) reminded Dad and I of Kerry Bascom.  A smart, tough, gifted competitor.  And if there are people who don’t know who that is who are reading this…Google it and be amazed.  I can’t wait to see us play them next year.  Fight Hard for Forty, indeed.

The second thing on my blog has to address the Tennessee/Ball State game.  First of all, why in God’s name did they interview Coach Summitt after the game? She looked like she’d been hit by a bus, as I’m sure she felt.   It’s a stunning defeat.  Second of all, I give all of the credit in the world to Ball State for not going insane in the last five minutes and blowing the lead, like some teams will do when they realize that the game is swinging their way and all they worked for could come true.  I credit the coach of the Cardinals, Kelly Packard, for maintaining her sangfroid during the last few moments.  Every time the camera swung to her, she was the picture of calm.  No hysterics, no “OH MY GOD WE’RE GONNA BEAT THEM” moments of realization.  She was the captain of a tight ship and steered them where they needed to go, and it was pretty awesome to see.  Even greater? Seeing her face when she realized the game was theirs.  My dad pointed at the TV and said “She wants to smile, you can tell.”  But she didn’t fully let go until the game was over, and then she looked delighted.  As she should be.  I just hope they do well in their next game and don’t get whipped.

Speaking of getting whipped…holy crap, Auburn!  Yeesh.  
That’s all for now.  Tune in to ESPN or ESPN2 tonight at around 7:14 for our game against Florida.  I wonder if that article about the alligator in South Windsor has anything to do with their being in town….?

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