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If this blog looks slightly disjointed it’s because I’m currently pulling myself out of the depths of a disgusting virus that’s currently having a field day on my ENT.  Now that I’m properly medicated and fed (Amy’s Organic Soups are ridiculously delicious), I’m ready to blog!  
Dad’s way of dealing with my sickness was simple and rustic: I pleaded with him to get me a blanket as I lay comatose on the couch, and he obliged.  And then put another one on me for good measure.  
Something that must be addressed in this, my second blog attempt, is the attention my father (and then to a certain extent, my sister and brother and mother and I) get from the fans.  Sometimes it’s hilarious, sometimes it’s invasive, sometimes it’s awkward.  I almost laughed today at the walk-in clinic when the doctor, after peering into my esophagus, said to me “I just have to say, I think your dad is great.  But I won’t talk about him anymore.”  Ten seconds later…”So are you going to Trenton?”  
Keep in mind this just after he put a light in my ear and determined that I wasn’t plugged up.  He then put his prescription in my hand and wished me good luck with the tournament…I didn’t even know I was playing…
Another fun thing to get in my mailbox is Facebook friend requests.  There’s a fantastic little button on their engine called “Friends in Common.” When I get a new friend request and click on that, I sometimes am confronted by fifty players and managers, and while I’m flattered that that’s why they want to friend me, it’s not exactly the way I like to meet  people.  I get at least two of these requests per week, as does my sister and brother.  Sometimes people refuse to give up and friend me multiple times.  

“What did you think?”

That was the question posed to me last night by dear old Dad.  It was around 11 PM, and he had just walked in the door after the Florida game, a game that I had been, I confess, really nervous about.  I had zero reason to be nervous in the end, but I’m like my dad in that respect.  I get worried over things like that.  One thing that we share is our sense of anxiety.  That, and our yearning for parmigiano reggiano.
I was hasty in my response.  I said they look really good, Kaili’s passing was ridiculous (loved that all three of her bigtime assists were on Sportscenter!), and Maya was awesome as usual…how’s Tiffany’s knee (it’s fine, by the way), and then it got a discussion of the way the game itself was played.  I thought that Florida played hard, but they played the way that most teams play against us: If you can’t beat us, beat the snot out of us and hope that works.  It didn’t exactly work for Louisville and sadly Florida didn’t get the memo.  I also thought their coach was so involved with complaining to the officials, that she missed the fact that the problem was more with the players and not the way the game was called (although I thought some of the calls were completely “uncalled” for…sorry I had to).
In response to the nosy doctor’s question, yes I will be going to Trenton…if I have my druthers, I will be driving with the team on the bus.  I usually go (when I’ve gone to the regionals) with the team on the bus or plane and stay with them the entire time.  It’s an interesting experience, being with the team now that I’m 23 as opposed to when I was a little girl or teenager.  The last time I went to a regional, I was about to end my junior year of high school.  My, things change!
 But that is for another entry.  For now, amoxicillin and ESPN Classic with the Pops, who wanted to walk in the woods behind our house with me.  If I could get up from the couch long enough to walk four feet, I’d take him up on that offer.
Oooh, ESPN Classic is doing a Buzzer Beater countdown! Ten bucks says it’s Laettner or Lorenzo Charles…

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