meet me in st. louis…and bring an umbrella!

I have no idea how these girls manage to keep up this frenetic pace in the postseason.  I’m not even doing half the work they’re doing and I feel like I’m about to keel over.  But since we arrived here in Missouri today, I might as well impart what went on today.  It will be a short entry, I assure you!

Yesterday was my only day at home in CT, and it was cloudy and slightly cold but still a very good day.  Last night my sister’s husband lugged a gigantic takeout bag from PF Chang’s to our house (good guy, that husband of hers!) and we feasted while watching, what else, game tape from the Regionals.  Although by the time we got to the Arizona State game, I could barely keep my eyes open, and I ended up passing out around halftime.  Ah, well.  I lived through it once, don’t need to see it again.
Today was a big bundle of deja vu from the second we arrived to get on the bus.  The exact same people were there, I had all of the same bags and I was even wearing the same sweatpants.  It was a gorgeous day, and I kept hoping that if it was this nice in CT, hopefully it would be just as beautiful in MO.  And I can’t stop thinking about drinking an Arnold Palmer again! Thanks, Kaili!
FYI: for those of you not from the Northeast, an Arnold Palmer is a drink that is half iced tea, half lemonade.  I’m sorry if some of you thought I wanted the golfer Arnold Palmer…I’m more of a Phil Mickelson kind of gal.
We go to the airport and get on the plane, and it was a pretty tiny plane.  The gangplank was just big enough for one person, and it was lopsided seating wise (one seat on the left, two to the right).  And I can do a lot of things in my life, but there is one thing I will never be, and that is a comfortable flier on planes.  Every little shake, twist, or bump, and my head will scream out “THIS IS IT WE’RE ALL DOOMED.”  So you can imagine how I felt getting on this little thing.  And then the turbulence started…Jacquie laughed at me for how I reacted to it, but I personally think that putting your head down on the airplane tray and plugging your ears is a suitable way to deal with it.  It beats screaming, which is what I wanted to do.  I have no idea how some people sleep on planes.  I used to be able to.  Indeed, I once passed out on Nykesha Sales’ shoulder before an 8 hour flight from Hawaii to Chicago and didn’t wake up until they were serving breakfast.  But I just get too nervous now.  Aw.  I’m growing up.
After saying thank you to the purple-haired flight attendant, I almost kissed the ground when I deplaned, but didn’t want to get my mouth wet with rainwater.  Yes, it’s raining.  Pouring, in fact.  A nice little tidbit that a security guard offered me was that there had been thunderstorms all day in town, but we had just missed them.  On the way to the hotel, the bus stopped at a light across from the Arch.  I had never seen it before and I was pretty surprised at how wide it is.  I always thought of it as being tall and skinny, but it’s got a vast space beneath it (it’s sort of set in the middle of an open space, almost like a park).  Of course, I took a picture.  The hotel itself is pretty big and kind of intimidating, but Shea and I were thrilled when we ran to check out the fitness room and discovered they had more than one elliptical machine! We kind of annoyed the people working out in there, I think…probably because we started dancing…
When we got to the hotel, we were greeted by a group of girls from a special club that promotes healthy relationships between girls and the development of their character, and they did a truly amazing step-dance for us that had to be seen to be believed.  It was pretty thrilling, and the team went nuts when they finished.  Maya looked over at us and said “I love them so much!”
And now, I’m in my hotel room after unpacking and taking almost the last one of my Amoxicillin (thank goodness!), typing and watching HBO, a luxury since I don’t have it at home due to my mother being opposed to cable.  I can hear the wind blast against my hotel window right now and I can feel my eyes closing.  And tomorrow promises to be…insanity…
PS.  I didn’t know she was doing this, but Heather Buck is doing a blog.  Ch-ch-check it out.

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

One thought on “meet me in st. louis…and bring an umbrella!

  1. AllyThere is a museum underground, under the arch, quite interesting. The ride up was amazing and the view even more amazing. We were in St. Louis 2 years ago as my husband had a VHA conference(hospital purchasing consortium. We know Danny D. as my husband is purchasing manager at Middlesex Hospital,and our kids each went to Xavier and Mercy High School. Actually, she might have met you in San Antonio). We had a great meal at Zia’a on the hill in little italy section of St. Louis. I have even had their salad dressings shipped to me! Great food everywhere! Soooo looking forward to your next blog! Vicki


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