spartans take down the dog pound

First of all, the rest of my blogs will be coming from my trusty Blackberry, as my computer’s Internet access is on hiatus. Ah, well. I guess I’ll use my computer for more lofty persuits, like watching Superbad for the nine bazillionth time.

Today was just as jampacked as I thought it would be. The team got up at 8 with the exception of Maya and Renee and Tina, who were already at the other hotel for the presentation of the State Farm All-Americans. We were shuttled off after breakfast to watch their presentation, and to witness the announcement of the Wade Trophy recipient. The winner was Maya, who was incredibly humbled by the award and kept thanking her teammates and God. The teams this year were pretty rowdy, and screamed a lot. And it was really cool to see how many girls knew each other. Kaili in particular is best friends with Marissa Coleman, so they shared a big hug.

After the presentation, it was back to the junior college for our private practice. it was quick and light. At one point Dad demonstrated a play which lead to a surprise opening for an easy shot, and he shouted ‘gotcha!’

Practice was over fairly quickly. Indeed, about 25 minutes early! When I pointed this out to Dad, he simply said, “the time for talking is done. Now we do it.”

Then we went to the Scottrade Center for media interviews and press conferences, and the girls were pretty amused by the tall cubbies in the locker room. So amused, in fact, that I walked out of the bathroom to find that five of them had gotten inside them. It made for quite a funny picture, like human Jenga.

Open practice was a ton of fun, except for when Dad pointed out to me that the arena we were in used to be called the Savvis Center. That’s when I knew that we would be playing on the same court that we lost on 8 years ago in the Final Four. Just being in that building again made me woozy. That loss was devastating, and I really want this team to rid that hurt from this city. Its too pretty a town to hurt that bad.

After practice, we had an autograph session, where I saw a bunch of friends from camps past. Then, we were shuttled off to the AP Player and Coach of the Year announcement. Maya and Dad won, and it was a sort of hilarious press conference because it took place in an almost cavernous hotel ballroom…and there were only about thirty people inside. The guy didn’t even need a mic, yet there he was on a podium. Another highlight was Dad getting pictures taken with his trophy. He was urged to smile a little more, and so he did. And then he did a Zoolander Blue Steel. Classy.

Dinner was slightly rambunctious, as we watched the Uconn-Michigan State game. I was shocked at the way it turned out, but once the dunk on Stanley Robinson was over with, the Huskies just gave up. They played very fast and got very desperate, and it was frustrating to watch. Also, I could practically feel the eyes of Connecticut fans turn to us as we prep for our battle against Stanford tomorrow. I won’t lie and say I’m not nervous. But nerves are a good thing.

Check with you tomorrow, after the initial madness…


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