quickly quickly

This isn’t really even a post, just an overall FYI that might germinate into an actual post, since it’s past midnight and I really should be in bed, to prepare for another day of packing my life into boxes for the move to New York in under 7 days.  Plus, I’m feeling tired anyway…I think I just inhaled too much self-tanner.  This Connecticut winter did a number on me.
Thank you so, so much to the lovely people over at the Boneyard for all of your wonderful comments and words of support.  Yes, I do read what you guys have to say…I check in at least once a day during the season, and when postseason hits like it did this past week, I check in all the time! I’m so happy and grateful to you for getting the word out about my blog, and it meant the world to me to know that more than one person cared about my opinion other than my mom.  I saw that my post about the idiot spammer on the boards got a lot of mention yesterday, and I do agree with all of you that the vast majority of what is said on that board is nothing if not complimentary and full of love, and for that I am so grateful.
One more thing about Tina that I thought was cute…on her Facebook today she put up a bunch of pictures from her camera and from AP search engines from St. Louis, and one of the professional pictures taken was of her hugging Dad (*gasp* yes he did hug her that night! SHOCKING!).  The caption she wrote on the bottom was “Made 13 girls dream come true.”
It’s all about love…
PS.  A cute little factoid from the trip…I found out that the final tournament montage was done to that song by Miley Cyrus from the Hannah Montana movie, so I shared it with the girls.  They freaked, and Meghan immediately put it on her iPod and blasted it on the bus.
PPS.  Every single time I got on camera in the tournament, it was always in a light less than flattering.  If I wasn’t chewing gum, I was wearing a hat cockeyed.  If it wasn’t the back of my head, it was the side of my face.  At least I didn’t get caught fistpumping on camera like my mom did during the Cal game.  When we got the game on DVD, Dad made us rewind that bit for about fifteen minutes and could not.  Stop.  Laughing.
PPPS.  Actually, I was caught on camera fistpumping during the Nova game in the Big East semis, when Maya blocked that shot into the second row at the XL.  And I fistpumped with two pretzels in my other hand.  Treacherous!

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

4 thoughts on “quickly quickly

  1. When he was 19 and doing his very first play in a small theater, a bus with 40 fans of Paul Guilfoyle (1902-1961) turned up, hoping to see their favorite actor. He had to explain to them that Paul Guilfoyle had been dead for 12 years. They decided to be his fan club instead, so he had a fan club at the begining of his career. Where do we sign up for the Ally Auriemma Fan Club?


  2. Ally, I love your blog. I have one of my own on blogspot and it really gets addictive! You are great writer and you know just what we want to hear about! EVERYTHING!! He he!AnnieM


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