i can see your halo

Buona Pasqua mi amici!

And that’s the extent of my Italian.  It’s a shame that I don’t know more of it, but according to Nonna I could never learn from my father because they speak a vintage Napoli dialect that apparently isn’t really spoken at all anymore, plus my father’s grasp of the language is that of an 8 year old’s because he moved here at that age.  I’m pretty sure that if I learned Italian from my grandmother and then went over to Montella, they’d look at me like “What is this girl doing talking like a 77 year old?”
I hope everyone got to Mass today and if it was crowded, I hope it wasn’t too bad on your legs if you had to stand.  I managed to score a spot right on top of a ledge on the side of the church, right on top of the heater.  We were just a little bit late, so when we walked in a huge whisper ran through the crowd.  I was a little embarrassed but I expected it to happen.  As we found a spot near the back, Dad whispered to me, “They’re probably thinking that I only go to church on Christmas and Easter and they’re now mad at me for being a bad Catholic!”
It also didn’t help that my choice of shoes made it painfully obvious that I had messed up on self-tanner earlier this week…the residue went right to my feet and for a day or so it looked like I had stuck them in a deep-fryer.  
By now I’m sure you all saw my piece in the Courant, something that I was really shocked by.  I got a call from my dad when he was in Secaucus for the draft asking me if I could write a piece about the season.  “Just email it to them, they’re expecting to hear back from me,” he said.  
“What, hold on,” I said, trying not to laugh.  “You’re saying that the Courant wants you to write something for Sunday, but you’re now going to ask me to do it for you?”
“Yeah!” he said.  “Don’t worry, I’m telling them about it before you email them the article.  It’s due tomorrow at 1.”
For a perfectionist, my dad is the laziest person I know.  But I managed to type it up and send it in, and I refused to let dad look at it until today in the paper.  However, I was kind of stunned that I got a little preview on the front page and Rebecca didn’t! I thought Rebecca’s article was better than mine…personally I think she’s funnier and better at everything than I am, but once again I digress.
Anyway.  This week is the big move to NYC, and I’m both excited and terrified.  I’ve been wanting this since the minute I graduated from school (UCONN, of course!) and to have it happening so soon is kind of overwhelming.  I keep remembering things that I have to buy and addresses I need to change.  Mom and Dad have been pretty cool about the whole thing, although Dad grumbles every once and a while about the bill.  I’m pretty sure once I strike gold in Manhattan, he’ll be fine with it since I’ll then take over the majority of the rent.  Personally, I’m more excited to see all of my New York friends, and they can’t wait to show me the city.  
I will keep on updating throughout the week but probably not until Wednesday, because until then my life will be a flurry of seeing friends for the last time before I go.  I feel like people think I’m moving to Guatemala…it’s two hours away, people…
PS.  If you don’t have anything to do one of the nights this week, I suggest seeing Adventureland.  It was absolutely brilliant.  Yes, I see silly comedies a lot.   But this one really struck a chord.  

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

2 thoughts on “i can see your halo

  1. Hey Alysa,I’m one of Randy Press’ students and first off, I want to say thanks for the blog. It was really awesome.Secondly, I want to thank your dad for all that he’s done. My father was such a BIGGG UConn girls fan. This past summer, he was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer. He died this past Saturday. I just want to say thank you for winning one for my dad. I started crying after they won it because I knew it was the last title I would see with my dad alive, and I couldn’t have asked for my last championship with him to be the UConn girls.Thanks again,Matt Chudoba


  2. Ditto to the above comment from Matt.  Both my parents started me on the girls back in 1994, just before my Mom died. After she passed, the girls got him through long winters without her! At 2003 final four I got him a championship hat, at the 2004 a pin, and he never took either off until he passed later in 2004. I almost buried him in his hat,but my husband spoke up and told me “that’s yours.”  And when I saw my psychic a few months after his passing, she wanted to know what I had “blue” of his, where upon I showed her the hat; no one should ever touch it but me, because it was meant for me.  I just wanted you, the girls, and your Dad to know how much this team, no matter what year, affects our everyday lives.  Good luck in NYC, and I will follow your blogs, thank you so much for them.Stay safe and well on your journey, Vicki


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