superboy and the invisible girl

In NYC there is simply no filter on what people will wear at the gym.  Or rather, what they won’t wear.  Sometimes I come into the locker room and automatically put my head down so I don’t feel like I’m staring at all of the bodies on display.  It’s like the world’s strangest free peep show.  Sorry, I’d rather change in the bathroom behind the safety of a closed cubicle door.

I’m sure some of you know that my father and our family own a vacation house on the Jersey Shore.  There’s been a little bit of talk about it whenever the summertime rolls around, since people always ask me “What does your father do in the offseason?” Well, when he’s not recruiting he’s hunkered down in Jersey, smoking cigars and drinking wine and putting off re-applying sunscreen until I yell at him to do so.

This weekend, I was allowed to bring a few friends down to our house on the southernmost tip of the Garden State for Memorial Day, which was in turns blazingly hot and freezing cold, and utterly hilarious throughout.  One particularly funny moment was opening the local newsletter and finding a long article that my father was interviewed for in which he extolled the virtues of the New Jersey beaches.  One of my friends mentioned that on the wikipedia page for our town, there’s a list of celebrity homes and my father is not mentioned.  She said as a Father’s Day present, she would edit the page so that Dad’s name did appear, which I thought was hilarious.
But now I’m back in NYC, hanging out in my apartment before my job interview as a hostess for Wildwood BBQ tomorrow (Well, I have the job, but I need to get my training schedule worked out) and I thought I’d answer one question that John Altavilla put on his blog because it intrigued me.  Sorry if I steal your thunder, John!

Q. Who, in your mind, is the best shooter UConn has ever had?

 Wendy Davis.  Now, that makes me sound utterly old.  But if any of you ever had a chance to watch Wendy play…there is a reason her nickname was and will always be “Silk.”  There are some records she held in shooting that were broken by Maya just this past year, and she graduated almost two decades ago.  For a very long time, she came into Dad’s camps and taught shooting technique, and I don’t remember her ever missing a shot when she demonstrated her wrist flick.  

Now I’d like to take questions from you, my beloved bloggos and bloggettes.  Ask me anything about Dad and my family (within reason!) and I will try and answer as thoroughly as I can…



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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

3 thoughts on “superboy and the invisible girl

  1. Hi Ally,
    Coming from an Italian family myself I've always wondered who does all the cooking when the team comes to your Dad & Mom's house? Does your Grandmother & Mom make all the Italian specialties? Yummm!

    I am really enjoying your blog & twitter contributions & can't wait for this “tell all” you are putting together! Oh, are you going to Italy with the family?

    Rosie Patrick


  2. Does your dad notice fans? I am the one who wears the wig with the basketballs attached and my son is the one with the cape who tries to get the crowd cheering. I do it because I think the players who come to UConn give their all and as a fan I try to do the same. So I have wondered if your dad notices or if it matters to him.


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