Questions answered: Through Video!

Today I had my first day of training work for my new job.  It’s going to be very fun.  I work at a barbecue joint, and the smell of sweet potato fries drove me insane for nearly six hours.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but it did make me want them in the worst way.

Anyway!! Here are your answers, my dear viewers.  Enjoy!  And ignore the fact that I’m wearing pajamas and no makeup.

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

Published by The Curious Ally Cat

I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

8 thoughts on “Questions answered: Through Video!

  1. I was wondering how you would do it…not a bad job at all. ^^ Thanks for taking your time to do this. I have a question tho. You said your sister and her hubby is the most adorable couple. What about your parents? Aren’t they? And I remember you said it somewhere before that you couldn’t sing in front of a lot of people. I suppose you got over that, didn’t you? 😉


  2. I enjoyed your first video blog. What shows are you auditioning for? Is your concentration musical theater? Are other members of your family musical? I love New York for the variety of its ethnic food. What are your favorite places to eat? Oh, I have always thought the world of Stacey Maron, what was she like in person? Do you know what she is doing now?


  3. Alysa,

    Thanks for continuing your blog in the “off-season.”

    As someone whose name is pronounced the same as yours, but is spelled “Alyssa,” I certainly feel your pain. I think I have gotten every variation of the spelling and pronunciation.

    What are your thoughts on Pat Summitt and Tennessee? Were you disappointed when the annual series was cancelled?

    – Alyssa


  4. I think it is great that you got to travel with the team so much. What is your favorite place that you've been? What spot haven't you made it to yet but is on the top of your to-go list?


  5. As I was watching your video blog, my neighbor calls and says she just literally ran into your dad at Bolton Mobil! Did not mess up his hair though… ha ha ha…

    Question about Charde: Does your Dad ever talk to her now? What was their relationship really like? I always rooted for her through her struggles… I was really happy she decided to stick it out at CT and from what she has done in the WNBA Geno's strong arm helped her in the long run.

    By-the-way, love your Nona's tomato basil sauce. Tastes similar to my Nona's. Nice when I do not have time to make my own.


  6. Hey Ally,

    Great video blog.I'm behind a few weeks here on your blog but I'm not on your twitter.I do see what you are up to on there.Congrats on everything that has been going on with your auditions and stuff.BTW I'm the Stargazer798 on there that RT's back to you.Not sure if I do that right(lol) I mostly just read what people are saying.Hey did you see D's new video.She and Phoenix Mercury just put it up
    on You Tube.It's really funny.She can't sing and well most of the team can't either for matter.Good thing she can play b-ball.Great to put voice to face now.I do have a question???You say you like read.Do you have any particular author you read or books you read over and over again??? Michael J. Fox's book was fantastic…I must read…I agree…

    Please be safe Always :)))

    Take care,


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