This was just too funny.

Some people are nitpicky, I’ve realized, to the point where that’s all they see and they don’t get the full message.  

After I wrote my blog last night (which I thought was very funny, but that’s just me), I checked the Boneyard to see if anyone had commented on it (I’m utterly vain, plus I like to see what the people over there think about my doings in NYC).  VTCWBuff quoted all the times I referenced anything related to poop, which in itself is hilarious, I give him or her kudos for the c/p job. He or she then wondered whether I was a) trying to be hipster literati or b) trying to sound grown up.
Well, despite what Dad may tell you, I am a grownup.  I live by myself, I have a job that keeps me busy, and I work hard.  Also, if I wanted to sound hipster intelligent and full of myself, I would’ve namedropped all of the Ernest Hemingway books that are in my bookshelf right now just waiting to be read, or the copy of Lolita on my dresser, as well as the Complete Works of William Shakespeare that’s been pored over four dozen times (I had Romeo and Juliet memorized when I was eleven.  Geek=me).  One of my favorite films is Amelie as well as Trainspotting, and I listen to singers like Ane Brun, Hawksley Workman, Emiliana Torrini, and Sia.  And, yes, I shop at Urban Outfitters.  I’m also a huge Lord of the Rings nerd.
Other stuff I like? Gossip magazines, Britney Spears, reality shows, the gym, getting my nails done, chick lit (one of my favorites books of all time is Bridget Jones’ Diary) and stupid, stupid comedy movies like Anchorman and The Hangover.  

So in conclusion, I like to think of myself as an intelligent person who happens to curse.  I’ve held back on you guys, I swear.  In public and in blog form, I try to be as gracious and non-cursewordy as possible.  But I do swear, and I won’t apologize for it.  If you grew up with my dad, you’d be practically bilingual too.  And I ain’t talking about English/Italian. 
And one more thing: If all you got from that last entry was that I refer to bowel movements more than the average person, I urge you to look again and see the entire story.  The story itself is about how even if I did bomb miserably (which thank our Heavenly Father I didn’t), I was still going to wake up on Tuesday morning the most loved child in the universe in my parents’ eyes.  And that should have been all that counted.  Maybe I shouldn’t have said it in the way that I said it.  But hey…shit happens…
PS.  Also, sometimes when something makes me laugh, I write it in here.  The line about throwing my own poo on the walls? I literally had to take a break from typing because I cracked myself up.  I’m so easily amused by everything.  

Published by The Curious Ally Cat

I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

8 thoughts on “This was just too funny.

  1. I don't care what anyone says, I knew the meaning to the previous post. which yes made me a little misty. as for as the cursing So effin what?! you used it sporatically and it made it really funny!! 🙂 love you Ally.


  2. Hi again Ally,
    You said it Alysa – good on you! I for one really do not care how much you swear, so long as you keep up the “fantastic” job you do keeping us informed. I'm one of those who is disappointed when you have't done an update.

    By the way, I went on google to find a place where someone is singing the song you sang from Rent. Reason: I wasn't familiar with it though I've been a STH at the Bushnell for many a year. You tube showed me someone from an actual play singing the song holding a fake baby (I'm guessing) & another with a woman singing it on stage with a full orchastra behind her. Who they were does not matter; what matters is the fact that you were given a really challenging song to sing and from what I've heard about your skills, I'm sure you nailed it. Can't wait to see it posted on You Tube.

    Rosie Patrick


  3. Hey Ally,

    You should tell VTCW to eat ….

    I find that scatalogical references get to the intensity of emotions at times. Write as you feel. Don't let anyone censor you!

    I like the way you write. I have a blog too and oddly enough, some people have complained about TMI when I write about being constipated or having diarrhea as a result of the chemo I'm going through! I just laugh. If they don't like it, they don't have to read it, right?

    Best wishes in your quest to “make it on Broadway,” I have a feeling you're going to make it there….


  4. I agree don't let anyone censor you! Your blogs oftan make me laugh out loud… nothing wrong with that, we all need to laugh. I love your candidness about how it feels to be in each situation. So many people just brush over true feelings and never really express them – good or bad. I love that you do not do that. Keeps me reading. I think you would be an excellent author if the acting does not pan out. Along the way you are gathing the life experience to be a great story teller.


  5. Hey I just found this via twitter. I had no idea you had a blog! Good for you and you're so funny! You were a few years behind me at porters, just fyi. Didn't know you lived in the city but I'll continue to read your blog–very amusing!


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