i’ve got a feeling it could be bunnies.

Brownie points to anyone who gets my title line.

First of all, nobody deserved the Best Female College Athlete Espy more than Maya.  She’s a great kid, a superb student, and an immensely gifted player.  But you all knew that.  

I’m back at home in Connecticut, blogging from Panera on this obscenely hot day.  This weekend has been lovely, despite the storms.  God apparently decided that He had enough of these weak, wussy rainstorms we’ve been getting over the course of this non-summer and therefore solved the issue by throwing everything but the kitchen sink down at my house.  Our power went out only briefly, but it was five seconds of sheer panic for me.  So You Think You Can Dance was on, and it was the results show, and they were about to announce who got cut from the girls.  Had I missed that, tears would have been shed.  But the power flickered back to life, the TV came on, and Evan was safe.  And by the way, in a steel cagematch between reality competition hosts, Cat Deeley would kick Seacrest’s metrosexual ass. 
Last night I went with Stacey and Stacey (hereafter known as Wu and Nasser) to see Harry Potter and the Raging Hormones…I mean Half-Blood Prince.  I absolutely loved it despite having some quibbles about the major changes in plot that were showcased.  There was one scene in particular that had us all buzzing, with Wu leaning in to me and whispering, “They’re just making shit up!”  There were a few things that I was sad they changed, but I understood the need to get things done quickly and efficiently.  It’s a pretty big feat, squeezing 600+ pages of book into 2 and a half hours of screen time.  But then, I’m still pissed they cut out Peeves and S.P.E.W., so I’m just nitpicky.
Emma Watson got a lot of great screen time in this.  I was worried that Hermione would come across as being a shrill harpy (because let’s face it, in the book, she comes across as a shrill harpy).  But you just felt heartbroken for her most of the story, despite how absolutely hilarious Lavender was.  And Rupert Grint finally gets more screen time in this movie.  He’s more than just a ‘let’s have Ron stand next to Harry so therefore he’s in the scene’.
I was relieved with how well they handled Draco’s storyline.  Finally you get to see how tortured a kid he is.  And Tom Felton handled it brilliantly.
And Daniel Radcliffe impressed me the most.  He is the anchor of the series, and it looks like he’s making more of his own acting choices now, instead of being told what to do.  
Now that I’ve thoroughly nerd-ed out half my fanbase (if that’s what I can call it), I will be on my merry way.  Mom has assigned me the task of picking up dry-cleaning and then sushi time with my dear Connie and her boyfriend.  Tonight, Mom is cooking dinner for me.  Okay, I’m forcing her to.  But I leave tomorrow morning, what would you do in my shoes?  Linguine with scallops sounds pretty good right about now…

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3 thoughts on “i’ve got a feeling it could be bunnies.

  1. Alysa,

    It's me again; I was so busy trying to get brownie points that I wrote without fully reading your article. Linguine with scallops (my favorite seafood right now) sounds absolutely delicious. It's probably made exactly the same as w/clams (which I can't eat anymore, I react darn it) but by adding the scallops at the end. I have to try to make it. Thanks for the idea.

    Rosie Patrick


  2. You know…bunnies aren't cute like everybody supposes.

    One of my mostest favoritest episodes of TV ever.

    I always find it amusing when people complain about what in the book was left out of a movie. They really should try adapting a favorite book of theirs into a movie. At least the Harry Potter franchise is contractually overseen by Jo herself (shrewd of her to get that power). So, I guess in the end, if people want to complain about what didn't make it into the movie, they have to blame Rowling.


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