It is raining like crazy here in the city, yet the heat persists.  What gives, Mother Nature?
According to the Sporting News poll, Dad is ranked 42nd on the 50 Greatest Coaches of All Time, a list that spans all sports (John Wooden is ranked first).  He’s one of only two women’s college basketball coaches to make the list.  Three guesses as to who the other coach is.  She’s 11th, which I understand.  But I think as far as just the amount of time it’s taken for Dad to win six national championships (six in 15 years as opposed to eight over twenty), I think Dad is more proficient.  But I’m biased.  Sharing of DNA, and all that.
I was sad I had to miss out on the All Star Game this past weekend, specifically because Diana’s agent (one of my dear friends) tweeted about my mom’s pasta dish of some sort, and i was apoplectic that I missed it.  Cannot wait to go back to the Jersey Shore in two weeks time and sample some of it for myself.
I signed up for the English Literature GRE today.  For those not knowing what that is, the GRE is the Graduate Record Examinations, the tests you need to take to be considered for grad school.  I need to take both a Verbal exam (much like the SAT) and the English Literature exam, which asks numerous questions about various forms of English Lit from Milton to Cummings.  Today, I went to the New York Public Library and checked out quite a few poetry books that an online list recommended I get familiar with.  I will be gorging myself on popular/classic literature until October.  If I pass the GRE with a good score and get into the grad program for the fall of 2010, obviously I will be moving back home, something that I’m really excited about (unfortunately I might have to miss out on going to Prague if I get in). I plan on getting an apartment instead of living with my parents again, because I think it’s best that I live on my own now.  Living in the city has forced me to grow up, and I am nothing but thankful for that.
A few funny happenings from my parents: I was originally going to try for a Masters in English with a concentration in Medieval Studies.  I told this to my mother during a long conversation about my future, and she muttered, “Oh lord, where do you come from?”
I will close this blog with the words my father told me the night that this all came to fruition.  “Follow your bliss.”

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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