this is uconn country

How about this whole “boy in balloon” thing?  First of all, I gotta say that with a name like Falcon you hedge your bets.  He probably learned what a falcon was in school and realized that he was destined to fly.  Or maybe he heard that R. Kelly song a few too many times.  Second of all, HOW CRAZY IS THAT FAMILY? They were on Wife Swap, a show in which crazed hippies swap lives with people who shoot wolves from helicopters.  They subjected themselves to this insanity twice.  And then the CNN crew asks Falcon why he did it and he accidentally lets slip that it was for the show they were filming.  Oh, Falcon.  It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes, except an entire country who thought they were watching you in a balloon for two hours and then realized they had spent two hours of their lives watching a balloon.
 Maybe it’s because I grew up in a Roman Catholic, Italian, Philly-centric family (my dad can use that reasoning for saying jackass-y things, I think I can too).  But had that been me hiding in a box in my attic, I would’ve gotten my ass handed to me in a cheesesteak (although if my name were Falcon I’d be getting my ass handed to me in school on a regular basis.  Ahhh, public schooling).  Had that been my kid, I would have said something along these lines: “Oh my God thank goodness you’re okay we were worried sick about you IF YOU DO THAT TO ME AGAIN I SWEAR TO GOD OR WHATEVER’S UP THERE YOU WILL BE GROUNDED FOR ALL ETERNITY OR UNTIL THE CUBS WIN THE PENNANT. *SMACK*”
Third (and this is the most important part)…WHO OWNS A GIANT BALLOON? Unless you’re Willy Wonka and your Great Glass Elevator is in repairs, no one in their right mind should own a gigantic balloon.  I don’t care if you chase storms and believe in aliens, Heene family.  No balloons should be on your property except in the case that you got them from a county fair and they come with a loop to fit around your wrist.
Anyway.  On to other topics and other pastures…that aren’t in Colorado.
A show of hands (or a show of comments): Who here is so excited that bball season is once again stamping its foot on our  mighty shores (well..the Sound isn’t too mighty but it’s pretty)? I’m pretty pumped, to say the least.  Although now that my face and name are more prominent, you all may be subject to my antics in the stands during close games.  I tend to be rather…um…the opposite of complacent.  
I will be at the Supershow tonight.  I can’t wait to meet the recruits and committed freshmen for the class of 2010.  I’m not sure if I’ve met any of them already but it’ll be great to meet the rest.  If you see me, please feel free to say hello.  My pen is mightier than my sword.  And I’ll be leaving my sword at home anyway.
Also, one more thing that I thought was kind of funny: the other night my sister came over to the house for dinner, as she is wont to do several times a week when her husband, Todd, is refereeing soccer for the night or coaching basketball.  After greeting me, she then pulls out this doozy.
Jenna: So someone thought I was you at the National Championship dinner.
Me: Really? Even though we look nothing alike and you’re three inches shorter than me and completely different looking complexion wise? (NOTE: I wanted to add ‘and you’re totally prettier than me!’)
Jenna: Yeah! He walked up to me and was like “Are you the one with the blog?” and I said “No, actually, I’m her sister.” Before I could finish my sentence he had already walked away.
Guys, Jenna’s a pretty cool cat, and she’s actually a lot funnier than I am.  If you walk up to her thinking she’s me, don’t just walk away.  Take the time and talk to her.  In a lot of ways, she’s just like me.  She may lack my bodacious blogging skills.  But she’s actually awesome and in many ways much more interesting than me…I just write down my funny…
PS.  If you’re on Twitter, I urge you to follow Simon Pegg, the actor from Shaun of the Dead.  His tweets about Twilight are GOLD.  

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

5 thoughts on “this is uconn country

  1. FOR THE RECORD – Tired of you saying Jenna is prettier then you!!! I've seen pics and she does appear to be quite an attractive women, but darling you light up a room. You're a Babe and don't you forget it…add that to your FABU personality and I tell you if I wasn't gay, I'd have been chasing you from the moment I met you!


  2. “If you do that to me again”…”grounding”. That's it? My parents would have felt the first time was more than enough…and made certain that I “understood” that (and that I wouldn't be sitting comfortably for a while). They'd have been right. Would it stop me from doing it again? I… reserve the right to answer that at a later time, your honor. 🙂

    You mean that there are people not champing at the bit for the college WBB season to start? Weird. I'm looking forward to a UConn/Stanford final. That could be something to see. It'll be interesting to watch what Griner does at Baylor.


  3. How ca Geno year in and year out set up alumni which are all stars to consistantly practice against his current team. This is against NCAA rules which states alumni are occassionally allowed to practice. Not multiple times a week. Could you imagine UNC allowing Stackhouse, Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace, and others scimmagge and practice DURING THE SEASON. It would be an unfair advantage. UCONN has done that since before the Taurasi days. Comeon Lobo, RWilliams, Big Girl, Sales going against kids/ These were all professionals in there prime. Thats not fair. no matter what religion or city or food you love the rules are the rules. Winning titles by practicing against all stars and pros is unfair. Please explain why UCONN does this. I am a big fan and father. Thank you, Brian


  4. Of course..I am excited for the bball season to start. I put all the games I could watch on my calendar so I would not forget. (I live too far from CT, so my watching would mean on TV. And you can bet DVR is my best friend. ^^)

    I also can't wait to read all you blogs about the team as well. When you tell a story, it makes me feel like I was there with you.


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