answer time!

A few days ago, user btbrown1 asked me a question about dad’s team practicing against WNBA players and whether or not this was legal.  After consulting people about the bylaws in order to get the best answer possible, I was going to address his question in the next blog I wrote. When Jasper Howard was murdered I put my answer on the backburner, feeling it more pressing to honor Jazz.  That done, I will now answer BtBrown1’s question to the best of my limited ability:

Practicing with alumni, provided it is of a sporadic nature, was and is compliant with NCAA rules.  The times UCONN players practice with WNBA players are rare and the pro players are always alumni of the university. We have always operated within the laws set down by the NCAA.  

Thank you so much for your question, BTBrown1.  I read you were a fan of the team and I’m glad you came to me with this query.  As a father yourself you obviously wanted to know if mine was behaving ethically, and I respect you for that tremendously.  If you have any more questions about this or any other topic pertaining to my Dad or UCONN girls basketball. please feel free to ask.  I will gladly answer.  

I will leave it at that, and hopefully that clears up any confusion that any others would have.


PS. I will be updating tomorrow about the already epic class of 2010.  Hartley and Engeln and Dolson, oh my!

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One thought on “answer time!

  1. Nice answer. BTBrown1 might want to know that that Nicky Anosike has been practicing with this year's Lady Vol team since she's in Knoxville rehabbing after surgery. And the NCAA ruled that there was no problem with how often the UConn alumni practice with the team follwing Tenn's complaint about it.

    I would love to read about the 2010 class. Just remember that the SEC is watching.


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