you owe me restitution

Aside from the fact that I ended up passed out in a chair before midnight due to a raging headache, I had a great Halloween. I spent the entire morning of Samhain watching It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown over and over and over again.  Sally’s harangue in the pumpkin patch and Linus’ shriek of “I’m doomed!” will never fail to make me laugh.

For our guests, Connie and I made multiple kinds of popcorn along with our Pumpkin Ziti with Caramelized Onions.   It was a gigantic hit.  Dessert was supposed to be s’mores on our fire pit but the wind kept blowing it out, so we transferred the chocolate to the stove and dipped marshmallows into it while it melted.

I dressed as Sarah Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.  She will always be my favorite film witch.  I did not win the costume contest, sadly. That went to Connie and her ‘bag of Jelly Belly beans” outfit, complete with a garbage bag stuffed with balloons.

As far as trick-or-treaters went, my favorite was a small white Irish boy dressed as Michael Jackson, complete with sparkly glove.   At one point Connie came running into the kitchen with a gleeful shout, “I just saw a Steve Urkel costume!” Apparently the kid was around twelve years old so I give him props, considering nobody his age would know what he was dressed as.

Now comes the Christmas season on swift wings, and I’m trying to avoid listening to all of my Christmas CDs until at least the day before Thanksgiving, however a few of my favorite songs have slipped through (you can’t stop me from listening to “Les Cloches du Hameau” before Thanksgiving, it just won’t happen)  My basic fall rituals of pumpkin patch-ing, apple cider making, and chocolate eating are all accomplished.

Of course, one other season is starting up: Basketball!  Like all of you, I am beyond thrilled that we got every recruit to commit for next year.  It is a truly stacked class and we are going to be spectacular.  Of course, that’s thinking ahead.  Now to address this season.

In Dad’s words, everyone has improved.  Everyone has improved on a team that went 39-0 last year.  That is scary.   He’s pretty happy with everyone’s progress but I can tell he’s really pleased with Tina and Lorin.  Lorin, he says, has been making tremendous improvements.  I think she’ll be really fun to watch as our point guard.  She’s like watching the Road Runner if you pressed the fast-forward button on your remote.  And of course, Caroline and Heather are back and ready to play.  It should be a very fun, crazy season.  

At the begging of Kaili, I will be attending the game in San Antonio.  I haven’t been to that city since we won in 2002, and I’ve been meaning to go back.  It is a gorgeous town.  The one thing I regret not doing when I was there was visiting the Alamo.  My sister went and apparently this proud example of American fortitude is about the size of a 7/11 and located next to a Walgreens.  I really hope she’s wrong on this one.

Now, off to the gym and a friend’s house for the night.  I have lots of catching up to do on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  

Oh, and congrats to the Yankees for their billionth world series.  Apparently money can’t buy you love, but it can buy championships.  *innocent face*…


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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

2 thoughts on “you owe me restitution

  1. While the Alamo is small, it is well worth the visit, especially if you know anything of it's history. Out of town you can find missions that indicate more accurately the size the Alamo once was.


  2. I plan on visiting the Alamo when we head to San Antonio for the tourney. Of course, I will be looking for the basement. Somebody told me my bike was there…


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