snowed in.

First post of the new year, and the new decade! I hope all of you had a wonderful New Year’s celebration.  I spent it with the family, and ended up recording a very funny video with my best friend in which we talked about our New Year’s resolutions.  It ends up dissolving into a dissertation on Hawksley Workman and whether or not ‘quadlingual’ is a word (it is not, fyi).  I also hope you all had a more successful NYE countdown than we did…at the 10 second mark, Dad tried to turn up the volume and ended up changing the channel.  By the time I wrestled it back from him and fixed the problem, Dick Clark had already ushered in the New Rockin’ Year.  Buzzkill.

Today is my last day before I officially start rehearsals for Bus Stop; also I go back to work this week.  I had a lot of plans for my Sunday, one of which involved going to see Up In The Air.  I woke up to a blizzard and quickly reassessed the situation.  Now, my day will consist of drinking coffee, perhaps napping and finally finishing The Lovely Bones.  If you have yet to read Alice Sebold’s novel, I urge you to run out and buy it immediately.  It is one of the most quietly devastating books I have read in some time, and the fact that Peter Jackson felt compelled to turn it into a PG-13 film is of not a little annoyance to me (this is a book about girls getting raped and dismembered, no way should it be anything less than R-rated).  I digress.

Yesterday was a great day for UCONN athletics.  I was so proud of our football team for winning the most hilariously titled Bowl game in the history of the BCS (second perhaps only to the Chick Fill-A Bowl).  They played great and deserved it.  I hope this brings more recognition to our school, football-wise.  Although personally I don’t think we can rise to the ranks of such storied programs as Penn State or Notre Dame, we do have it in us to be a really good football school and this may get us more recruits and an even better bowl bid in the future.

The men played in Hartford yesterday as well and did a great job handling Harangody (who looks like he’s the width of my bedroom armoire, wow) and Notre Dame. The entire game, I kept saying to Mom that the Hansborough kid on Notre Dame looked exactly like Tyler Hansborough, and what do you know? They’re brothers.  I felt bad he didn’t play very well, he’s going to get compared to his older brother until the day he graduates.

I still need to watch our game, actually.  I know, I’m a horrible fan and daughter.  I actually fell asleep halfway through the first half and didn’t wake up until the end of the football game.  I knew we were beating Seton Hall pretty badly, but I had no idea how badly until Mom told me the final score.  Then I found out that Meghan had outscored Maya, and I knew then that it was a pretty good example of either how great we played or how poorly Seton Hall showed themselves.  The fact that Meghan outscored Maya is proof that we will go to great lengths to not run up the score.  And how about Jacquie’s buzzer-beater? I was so happy for her!

Speaking of beating teams into submission…

I personally think running up the score is a shitty thing to do (pardon my French).  I call it the Providence Problem.  After we lost to Tennessee back in 1998, we traveled to Providence College for our next game.  We were still really pissed about losing to UTenn and just took it out on poor PC.  We annihilated them.  I believe the final score was 140-60 or something absurd like that.  We went ballistic.  After that game, the head coach of Providence commented ‘they were kicking us in the fetal position.’  That game changed Dad, and from then on he’s been terrified about running the score up in that way again.  Hence Jacquie’s extra minutes in the Seton Hall game, and Meghan outscoring Maya.  Tina only plays 20 minutes a game, and the second and third string get put in at the 10 minute marker when we play teams like Holy Cross, Seton Hall, etc.  Dad respects the other team too much to really devastate them like he knows we could.  If he kept Tina and Maya in until the final buzzer, we’d be beating teams by 100.

Which is why the situation yesterday during the Baylor/Texas State game is so sad to me.  Now, I can understand a score like that if the scrubs had been put in quite early, and it may just be the case that Texas State played truly bad basketball to warrant a score like 99-18 (poor TSU).  But that’s not what made me upset.  I’m upset at the decision to let Brittany Griner dunk in the second half.  And the picture I’ve seen isn’t just a layup where her hand happened to touch the rim.  That girl flushed it like Stanley Robinson.  Had Tina or Maya done that to a team we were already killing by 70, they’d be on the bench faster than you can say “Bad decision,” and Dad would be in their face verbally ripping them in half.  It reminded me of when Michelle Snow used to do the same thing.  Some people call it ‘putting on a show’.  I call it ‘showboating.’

I don’t doubt Brittany Griner’s abilities as a shot-blocker and scorer.  The girl can flat out play.  But scoring and shotblocking can only get you so far.  You can’t teach height, of course.  But you also can’t teach mental toughness, or quickness.  And she’ll need to grab more boards.   Brittany only had eight rebounds in the Texas State game.  Tina averages that.  If Griner wants to compete against the best of the best, she’s going to need to improve that area of her game by leaps and bounds.

Now I’m going to try and finish up The Lovely Bones so I can get on with the rest of my day…although I can’t really go anywhere! Unless I’d like to end up buried in a snowdrift…


PS.  People keep asking me when the special on Dad is going to air.  We have no idea.  I’m just as anxious as all of you, since Mike and I got interviewed too.  Jenna was a party pooper and pulled an Aimee Osbourne (the Ozzy Osbourne child who declines to be filmed)

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  1. I could agree more on the “good day to be a Husky”… Me, my friend and his son were at the ND/UConn game… AWESOME GAME!! I always enjoy the, “LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT… SIT DOWN” cheer. Does that make me a bad person?! Hey, if that's wrong, I don't want to be right.

    And I have to add a little NYE story that luckily DIDN'T happen this year… I usually spent New Years at my friend's house (the same place for the past 9 years!). Anyway, I'm a HUGE fan of watching the ACTUAL CLOCK COUNTDOWN (call me a traditionalist), but every year for some reason, the DJ that they had always used some New Years Megamix with its own set countdown. WTF!?! In fact…one year, we were all set, champagne in hand, waiting for the DJ's cue for the countdown, and then all of a sudden, we hear cheering coming from the other room (the room that was watching the TV countdown). We then realized that all of us in the opposite room with NO tv had missed the entire New Years countdown!! No 1 minute warning… no 30 seconds… no 10 seconds… nothing! And then we had some faux countdown and an auld lang syne remix playing… catastrophic.


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