you’re crazy mac. crazy delicious.

That commercial for the new Big Mac Wrap makes me want to gouge my eyes out.  Who on earth thinks that’s a good idea? The whole purpose and grand tradition of the Big Mac is very simple: humongous burger piled high with cholesterol and the secret sauce (shhhhh, it’s Thousand Island dressing).  If you read that article I linked to, an entire world of Big Mac culture will open up before your very eyes.  I for one had no idea that in order to get the same exact amount of sauce on every Big Mac, a special squirt gun is implemented.

When your hamburger requires weaponry, maybe it’s time to order a salad and reevaluate.

You probably weren’t expecting me to start an analysis of College GameDay with a treatise on that most American of foodstuffs, were you? But here we are.  I’ll get to the Notre Dame game in a second but I first want to comment on the Marquette game.

I watched that game over at my sister’s house with Jen, Mom, and Nonna.  We were begging the TV to end the game prematurely, as if Zeus or Brigid (Irish fire goddess) would start throwing flaming balls and blow up the mechanism.  That was one ugly game, inside and out.  We all knew immediately what Dad’s intention was when he had Caroline hold the ball, although he may have lost himself a few fans from the Marquette area.  The boos hurt, I won’t lie.  But it was necessary.  Did you see when Meghan got slaughtered and no whistle was blown? Godawful officiating can result in serious injury, and lord knows our bench is light as it is.

Then Saturday came, and I wished I was free to attend Game Day with my Mom.  Unfortunately, I’m currently serving as assistant director of a kid’s show at my old children’s theater and rehearsals are held every Saturday at 10AM to noon.  I had a great time with all of them-we’re performing Fiddler on the Roof, Jr.-but I wished I could’ve gone to see all of the kids.  I watched the ESPN footage and was blown away by their enthusiasm, signs, and body paint.  Maybe more students will come to the games now?

If I have one complaint about the Game Day coverage it’s that the team (Jay, Digger, Hubert, etc.) didn’t spend nearly enough time talking about women’s basketball.  Sure, Brittany Griner got a great ten minute segment near the end, and Tennessee was mentioned.  But guys, you’re covering a women’s game, in a predominantly women’s basketball-focused environment (the less said about the men’s appearance at Michigan this weekend, the better).  Surely you have something to say about Ohio State’s Samantha Prehalis, or Nebraska and Wisconsin-Green Bay’s undefeated seasons, or anything at all.  It drives me nuts that the only coverage given to women’s basketball in the regular season on ESPN that’s not us is the Louisville/Georgetown brawl.  What is this, 1970? Has Title IX not passed your offices?

That said, I give all the credit on the planet to Doris.  She really knows her stuff and is a joy to listen to.  I’ve met her several times and she’s a great woman as well.

After my day of slowing getting nervous/yelling at my Nonna to stop making me nervous, I met with my friend Justine for dinner at Chili’s (gotta love their grilled salmon).  I was so excited to see her.  She works at the Dunkin Donuts sample truck for New England events such as concerts at the Dodge and the GHO (I scored a regulation-sized iced coffee when I went to the John Mayer concert two years ago.  PERKS), and was a manager for Dad until she graduated two years ago (a year after I did) and we’ve been friends for about five years, when I came to visit practice and we bonded over our mutual love of Eddie Izzard and Dane Cook.  We had a fantastic time at the restaurant, catching up on old times and promising to hang out more often.  My mom was able to get her a ticket to the game, so we also got to sit together!

I have not seen Gampel that amped up since we played North Carolina in 2008 (when Charde rose from the dead and carried us in the second half).  When Caroline hit that three to put us up by about 15, I knew we were going to blow them out.  In a way I felt bad-Notre Dame clearly is a better team than that.  But we have a tendency, or a mission, to make very good teams go sour.  No less than four times I turned to Justine and said, with a kind of shocked wonder, “We make teams look awful, don’t we.”

Some of the ref-ing should have been more circumspect, sure, but the charging fouls-all four hundred of them-were very much on point.  We played our hearts out for that first half, which carried us through a less than stellar second.  I agreed with Dick Vitale with his theory that the reason women’s basketball doesn’t excite the populace the way men’s does is that there’s much less parity in the women’s game.  With men, you get a lot more chances for the surprise victory, the shocking upset, the underdogs.  In the women’s game, you have teams that flare up and then they’re gone.  There’s not a lot of teams with great staying power such as Tennessee or us.  Is that the fault of the players on those other teams? No.  I’m not sure what contributes to it.  But there are a lot of teams right now that are slowing climbing those ranks of favor.  Baylor has a great team this year.  Tennessee is climbing back after a tough year (although losing all of your starters plus your first off the bench will do that).  Stanford has a great lineup.  Ohio State is accomplishing great things.  It’s going to be a very interesting-and exciting-couple of years.

I can’t even tell you how proud I am of Tina for how she performed during the Notre Dame game, and this season in general.  Maya got all the publicity before the Stanford game and Tina ended up having the better game.  Tina is, quite simply, a monster.  When Jenna texted me during a game I could not attend earlier this year, she ended her message with “TINA’S A BEAST.” Truer words never spoken.  She has transformed from a sometimes performer to an all-around All-American.  If she doesn’t win Player of the Year I’ll eat my water bottle.

I couldn’t watch the Duke game live last night, as I had rehearsal for Bus Stop.  But I will be watching it sometime later on this afternoon.  Any game where Lorin Dixon has a four-point play is worth watching, no matter what the score is.

Speaking of Bus Stop, I will be letting everyone know when tickets go on sale.  We had our first run of the first act last night, and aside from a bruised rib from when I got thrown over someone’s shoulder, it went extremely well.  The only hiccup of the night came from our photoshoot for publicity stills.  No blonde wig was to be found, so I had to use my own hair which is decidedly not blonde, and my dress’s zipper popped as I put it on meaning that all my shots had to be taken on a tilt.  Plus, my sequins kept popping off the bodice, and it’s a very old vintage dress so the waist is decidedly waspish.  A costar joked he’d catch all the sequins, and I said to him, “You’re going to have to catch this dress, it’s about to pop right off of me.”

Ah, if only that could assure ticket sales…


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One thought on “you’re crazy mac. crazy delicious.

  1. Hi Ally,

    Thanks to your buddy Bruce MacCullagh, my friends and I are waiting to hear exactly which date might be the best for those of us enamoured of YOU to attend “Bus Stop”!

    As per usual, I am enjoying your writing here especially anything that includes Nonna. Nonna waited to go home so she could see Jamelle; Nonna's cooking etc. Again, my Italian background really appreciates a family that loves getting together as so many (like mine) are everywhere but together – AK & ID. Your writing brings me happiness, I just want you to know.

    Rosie Patrick


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