If we only have love.

I hope all of my dear readers have a happy, hale and hearty Valentine’s Day.  I have spent far too many years bemoaning the existence of this day, and everything about it.  My high school and college years were a celebration of the macabre on Valentine’s Day.  I dressed in black, wore dark eye makeup, and acted like a general pill.

Today, I am wearing a loud pink shirt, carrying a loud pink water bottle, and just being generally loud about love.  It’s the least I can do for both the day and the Think Pink game last night.

Really, the only thing that was good about last night’s game was the monster that is Tina Charles.  I didn’t even realize she had gotten 21 rebounds until this morning when I read it in the paper.  I hope it was obvious to the naked eye how much the Huskies of Honor means to her.  She was a mess in the pre-game ceremony, and Dad was honestly very happy for her (which he should be!).

That is really all I care to say about the game last night.  Aside from the abysmal refing (really, a technical foul on Tina for smacking a player? She’d sooner punch out a Teletubby), here were a number of factors that contributed to our poor play.  I am going to come out and say that our new sneakers may have had a tiny bit to do with it; when you suddenly have to adjust to a brand new shoe, it can cause numbness and cramping.  But really, we couldn’t hit water if we fell out of a boat for most of the game and also St. John’s came ready to play and compete.  They are going to be a force to be reckoned with next year (they’re still quite young) and I can’t wait to play them again, perhaps in the Big East Tournament this year?

Next up is Oklahoma, a trip that my mother will be going on.  I unfortunately cannot.  I have tech rehearsal today for Bus Stop, as well as rehearsal tomorrow night.  We open next week and I’m slightly terrified about the whole thing.  But hopefully it’ll all work out in our favor, eh?

In my absence, feel free to go rent or watch these amazing love stories (avoid Valentine’s Day at all costs).

When Harry Met Sally
Love Actually
The Notebook
Pride and Prejudice (1995 or 2005 version, both are fantastic)
Romeo and Juliet (I prefer the 1968, Zeffirelli version, but the Leo version got me into Shakespeare so I can’t knock it)
Much Ado About Nothing

And speaking of love all around, Mom is watching The Millionaire Matchmaker.  Clearly I haven’t taught her well enough…


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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

2 thoughts on “If we only have love.

  1. I still bemoan the existence of Valentine's Day, but mostly because it's my birthday and it makes it very difficult to do anything normal to celebrate it, like going out for dinner. Plus, do you have any idea how many things with hearts you end up with?!


  2. Better your Mom watch “Millionaire Matchmaker” (did you know she was at the casino this weekend?) than “Hoarders!” Which, BTW is a great show, but not for Valentine's!

    Your time will come…you will appreciate V Day…someday.


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