Want your bad romance

I apologize for not posting yesterday (Erin go Bragh!).  The day sort of got away from me.  I had to run after work to Evergreen to pick up some needed last-minute supplies for the trip to Norfolk, and then baked Irish soda bread in honor of my Celtic brethren, eating it with stuffed cabbage and broccoli soup.  It was pretty delicious, I will not lie.  I got it from CookingLight.com, and the steel-cut oats gave the bread a nutty, hearty quality.  I’ve had it twice today, but I froze the rest so I can eat it when I return from this first weekend of the tourney.

This weekend I closed Bus Stop, and I want to thank the followers of my blog and Twitter followers who came to see it.  It meant a lot to me.  I returned home from closing night to find the team had come over to watch the selection show.  I wondered why, pulling into my driveway, the garage seemed to be lit up by megawatt bulbs.  I opened the doors and saw a film crew in there, interviewing Caroline.  Turns out they were using my garage as the backdrop for interviews that will be used in tomorrow’s installment of The Climb.  I hope I didn’t ruin the footage, although it was fun driving past the garage door and seeing Caroline in there.  When she saw me she poked her head through the door and yelled hello.

The team had a great time at the house.  When I walked in, they were watching the ESPNClassic rerun of our 1995 regular season matchup with Tennessee.  I wish I could tell you more about that game, since I was at Gampel for its duration.  However, I didn’t watch any of it.  I was in the player’s lounge, eating pizza, playing Super Munchers on the computers.

After the team left, my parents and I settled in with Cadbury Mini-Eggs to watch The Pacific (really, really good).  Mom tried to get Dad to head to bed, since he was dozing.  Dad responded by attempting to tickle Mom.  Now, I have mentioned Mom’s aversion to tickling before.  It got to the point where Mom took one of Dad’s shoes and was beating him over the head with it, and I ended up throwing myself over Mom’s lap to divert Dad’s attention because I feared Mom’s screeches would provoke a 911 call from a neighbor.  Seriously, we should be studied by scientists.

It’s March, and today was the best day of the tournament.  Upset City! I thought I’d address the activities in the men’s games today first.  How about Murray State? I was on the way home from work when that happened, but I’m just glad it wasn’t Villanova with the upset of the day.  I almost had heart problems while watching that game.  I knew a lot of people who would have watched their brackets implode had they lost in the first round.  My goodness.  How many 15 seeds have upset a 2 seed? I know a 16’s never beaten a 1 in the men’s game (we all know that Harvard beat Stanford in 1998 on the girl’s side).  I had Nova in the Final Four, so my bracket would have been shot to hell too.  We had the game on down at work, and one man said to me (as I hid from the TVs out of nerves), “You only want Nova to win because you think their coach is cute.” Which I thought was a bit sexist.  I wanted Nova to win because I think Scottie Reynolds is a huge talent, and I support any representation of Philly colleges in the bracketology reports.  My crush on Jay Wright only has about 45% to do with my favoring the Wildcats.

Okay, maybe 65%.  But I still think they’re a good team! (Jay, I know you’re married, but…)

Actually, my guesses are mostly based on what teams I want to lose, rather than teams I want winning it all.  I won’t go into details, but let’s just say Duke and Kentucky do not fare exceptionally well in my bracket.  Sorry, Coach K.  Your name is harder to spell than your bracket is to play in.

As far as the girl’s tournament goes, I’m pretty pleased all around, although the whole ‘UCONN/Tenn matchup in the semis’ talks is giving me agita.  I would rather have flaming bamboo shoots stuck underneath my fingernails than see that happen.  What a total and utter disservice to Nebraska/Stanford, or Notre Dame/Texas A&M, or whatever other teams play in the other semifinal.  It will be a media circus, and I want absolutely no part of it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good rivalry.  But a good rivalry, not a rivalry that’s been dead and buried for three years.  Personally, I want us to play Nebraska.  I think that would be a brilliant matchup.  I watched a special about them during Selection Monday, and their popularity in Nebraska matches ours from 1995, when we were just beginning to skyrocket into the stratosphere.

Speaking of our history (and things that are ridiculous), that article by Shaughnessy on the SI website is absolutely the number one reason why women’s basketball is ignored in the United States.  People don’t care about it for no other reason than they think it’s boring.  Nobody thought UCLA was boring, with Lew Alcindor, Bill Walton, and Gail Goodrich.  Nobody thinks the Yankees are boring (well, I just hate them on principle, but still).  Nobody thought Muhammed Ali was tedious.  We float like butterflies and sting like bees.  It’s not our fault we’re so awesome…or maybe it is…


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One thought on “Want your bad romance

  1. Great blog but please do not hate on my NY Yankees! 🙂 Yankees are no different than the Huskies, just trying to get the best players for the team year in and year out! 🙂


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