Down goes Frazier!

A few things happened this week of monumental importance.  There were two birthdays this week.

1. My blog turned one! I gave it its bottle and promised it a slice of cake if it cleaned up its room.
2. My dad turned 29.  HAH.

In all seriousness, my Dad had a pretty good day.  He was forced to do the birthday dance by the team at shootaround on Tuesday morning, and then was presented with a slice of chocolate cake at pregame.  He ate the entire thing while I looked on woefully (I gave up dessert for Lent).  I gave him a card with a baby on the cover, as well as a book titled FU: A Journal to Destroy, Rant, and Rave Without The Police Getting Involved.  I thought he’d think it was stupid, but he laughed like crazy and told me it was awesome.  That made me feel so good, because usually when I get him a book for his birthday or Christmas, he’s either already read it or he bought it already.

 Then it was time to get ready for the game.

That was probably the most perfect half of basketball I’ve seen us play in quite some time.  Dad is always after the ‘perfect game.’  He’s been quoted as saying we try to chase perfection, and if we’re really good we’ll catch excellence.  I think not only did we catch up to excellence, we ate it for breakfast and then had perfection in our sights for lunch.  I did feel bad for Tonya that we beat Temple so badly, but at the same time I couldn’t feel upset that we were moving on.

By the way, I messed up in my last blog.  Stacey Nasser is in fact the Temple graduate assistant, not a manager.  She reminded me of this quite pointedly when I hung out with her before the game.  My apologies, Nasser! 😉

We flew home directly after postgame and the best part of the flight was when the attendant got on the mike and announced “Feel free to lean back like Fat Joe, and I’m like T.I., I’ll get you whatever you like.” We all lost our minds.

After a whirlwind 48 hours at home in which I managed to work two full days at the casino, we are back on the road in Dayton, OH.  Yesterday was a pretty eventful day with traveling, getting here to the hotel, a great dinner at a local chophouse, and back here to pass out in time for practice and interviews today.  I managed to watch most of the Tennessee/Baylor game today, and as happy as I was for Baylor to win that game (and you cannot deny: Brittney Griner is INSANE), I was even happier Tennessee lost.  And not for the reason you might expect.

With Tennessee out of the tournament, the focus shifts.  It shifts from the possible UCONN/Tennessee matchup to the other, much more fascinating matchups.  It shifts to the other teams who are just as deserving of coverage as the Vols and Huskies are.  What about Stanford, who has made such amazing strides over the past few months with their all-American roster (including Jayne Appel and JJ Hones)? Or Baylor, with Griner and her unstoppable length and agility? Or the up and comers out of Nebraska who have had such a fantastic season and have sadly been overlooked by other stories? It’s a shame that the only thing people cared about was a matchup that was two games from now, and now won’t happen.  And now the press corps here in Ohio and back in Connecticut are having conniptions.  Calm down, everybody.  Focus on the other matchups that are sure to be great games.  Maybe-GASP-become interested in teams that aren’t colored orange and blue.  It wasn’t meant to be.

To quote one of my favorite musicals, ‘Move on.’

Another thing that gives me agita is the idea that our streak is bad for the game.  Really, Press of America? Our streak is bad? Why not ask the Yankees if they feel bad about their four billion titles.  Or 1993-era Michael Jordan about his Bulls and if they thought their threepeat was a bummer.  And damn, I bet the UCLA streak was a real bitch to those reporters in the 70s.

Give me a break.  This is something sports record books will be talking about for years to come.

This is good for women’s basketball.  To think anything else would be…well…ridiculous…


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3 thoughts on “Down goes Frazier!

  1. I agree, this is NOTHING but good for woman's basketball. Everyone else needs to step up and dig deep… I love watching history in the making. You are correct, if this was a men's team no one would be saying anything else but how great this is.

    The ONLY reason I was kind of sad to see TENN out is that we did not have the opportunity to send them home. I cannot stand the fact that some people have said that UCONN win streak is without playing TENN and if they had would they have this streak. Our lady huskies have it all over all of them!

    We are so lucky to be along for the ride! Go Huskies!!!!


  2. Love the blog… and feel compelled to weigh in on the Tenn/UCONN issue.

    As a fan of the women's collegiate game (all of it, not just two or three high profile match-ups), I whole-heartedly agree that there is plenty of room (and need) for multiple rivalries, and that there are many solid teams deserving of press attention. However, that’s not to say I can easily wish away the desire for a Tenn/UCONN game, now or in the future. It’s one historic contest – much like the Yankees vs. Red Sox, or for this particular native Philadelphian, Eagles vs. Dallas. It’s not always easily explained, but some games just have the “it” factor. We all have rivals for a reason. When the two dueling dynasties duked it out, something special happened in the hoops universe. I think it was felt universally, by fans on both benches, hence the public response and support. About a week ago, ESPNU played an old Tenn/UCONN game from the early 2000s, and I could NOT stop watching, even though I knew the outcome, and the outcome was as outdated as it gets.

    I’ll be watching the Final Four, and the games leading up to it regardless, but that’s not to say I don’t wish to see a re-match featuring the two teams that first sucked me into the women’s game.


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