Yoga and Protein Ice Cream.

So this afternoon I had planned to knock out a 5K in around 30, 35 minutes.  Well, I did do just that, but it turned out to be a little harder than I had anticipated.  I hadn’t drank nearly enough water to compensate for a hot, sweaty run, and my performance was seriously hampered.  I had to stop twice due to a monstrous thirst headache, and the minute I got indoors I swigged an entire water bottle!

I waited for about ten minutes and my stomach started to growl, and I was looking to try even more of my new granola, so I put together a protein ‘ice cream’ dish in order to promote muscle recovery.  I found out about this trick from fitness bloggers: You take a serving of whatever protein powder you use for smoothies and add water to it so it turns into a kind of pudding, and add whatever mixtures you like.  I use Jarrow Brown Rice Protein Powder, and mixed in some Truvia so it wouldn’t taste funky.

I topped mine with 1/4 c Archer Farms Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti Granola and 2 strawberries.  The granola was EXTREMELY sweet, and I loved the little chocolate nibbles woven throughout, but I don’t think I could’ve eaten more than a 1/4 cup.  It was REALLY sweet.  But it combined well with the protein cream and the strawberries!

After watching Oprah with my mom, I went off to Samadhi Yoga in South Windsor for an All Levels class with Connie, aka The Best Friend and resident Yogi Master.  She got me into yoga about three years ago when she started taking classes regularly.  Now, she is a powerhouse, and I’m just getting back into yoga after about a year or so away from regular practice.  And believe me, today I felt every bit like a novice! Our instructor, Steve, guided us through a lot of hip openers and leg stretches, and while I needed the stretch desperately, by the end of our fifteenth flow I was ready to start screaming! My hip abductors are still hurting! But it was a good kind of hurt, since my hips are so tight from standing all day at work!

After yoga, I stayed around to help Connie close the studio, and she told me the heartbreaking news that Garden Of Light is closing due to Whole Foods taking all of their business! I was devastated.  I love Whole Foods, but Garden of Light is such an amazing little all-natural, mostly vegan market.  You can find items there that Whole Foods does not carry.  They also have a man who prepares all of their buffet options every single day, and they sell tons of little vegan treats that are made on premises.  Such a shame.  Connie and I are going soon to stock up on our favorite finds.  I’ll be sure to post about it!

Dinner for the rest of the family consisted of a phenomenal pulled pork and roasted pepper/onion combo my mom made on Saturday.  I had eaten it then and seriously devoured every bite (and went back for seconds!) but I knew due to yoga I probably wouldn’t be getting back in time before my family ate all of it, so I had mom start me up a pot of lentils.  I had some Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu I needed to use before it went bad, and some frozen broccoli.  Enter my latest and greatest creation:

Cheezy Lentil, Tofu and Vegetable Bowl!

Now, I tend to stay away from tofu most days; it’s a phytohormone, and overconsumption can mess with estrogen levels.  But in moderation (like everything!) it’s worth it.  If you’ve got nothing else that’ll do in regards to protein, tofu is your guy.  Or gal.

The dish is very simple: Cook 1/2 cup lentils in water according to package instructions, then add tbsp of nutritional yeast, a non-active yeast that carries a very sharp, cheeselike flavor and is perfect for vegans or those suffering from lactose intolerance, like me!

In another skillet, saute 2 servings of Nasoya Extra Firm Tofu in 1 tsp sesame oil until browned.  Transfer to a dry plate, then dump 1.5 cups of frozen broccoli/cauliflower mix into the skillet and heat up until softened.  Dump the veggies and tofu into the lentil pot, then add the last .5 tbsp of nutritional yeast.  Stir, pour into bowl and serve.

Oh, this was wonderful.  So hearty and filling and with that sharp, salty flavor from the yeast.

I just demolished a huge bowl of cherries as well, and I’m going to settle in and watch Criminal Minds DVDs.  I’m obsessed with this show!

Catch ya later!

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