Steak for Dinner!

Oh, my lunch was beautiful.  Inspired by Meghann‘s AB and Nectarine sandwich from a while back, so I ended up pairing strawberries with 2tbsp I ❤ Peanut Butter Cinnamon Raisin on a multi-grain Arnold’s Sandwich Thin


I paired it with a Snyder’s Pretzel my mom picked up from the grocery store.  My family is from Philly, so I’m a huge fan of Snyder’s Pretzels.  They’re absolutely perfect to pair with lunch!

Also, I had to have some baby carrots:

As well as a giant bowl of cherries! I’m always thrilled when these come in season, and then I’m devastated when they’re done for the year.  My mom is a big cherry fan as well, and we just devour them by the bag.

After lunch, I drove to my brother in law’s to watch the England/USA World Cup Game, and while cheering on our fantastic boys as they fought to a draw, I enjoyed some whole strawberries (again! I love all the seasonal fruits!) Clif Mini Bar in Blueberry Crisp:

I love Clif bars, but the full bars are a little too much for an afternoon snack, so the mini was just fine.  It kept me full for around 3 and a half hours!

And then…oh.  Dinner was just beautiful.  I had picked up a couple of bison steak medallions from Whole Foods and had one more left in the freezer, and I defrosted it all day today so it was primed and ready to throw on the grill pan.

I seasoned it with just some salt and pepper, and grilled it to about medium (if you cook it all the way through, bison meat tends to get very tough).  I also sliced up a 10 oz potato, salted and peppered it, and threw it in the oven at 400 for about 15 minutes until they were crisp.  Throw in about 2 cups of cooked broccoli and you’ve got a well-rounded dish!

I usually do not eat steak, but since I run I desperately needed the protein.  I think I may have dumped about another metric ton of ketchup on those fries, by the way.  And I put A1 Steak Sauce on the medallion, because it’s not a steak without some steak sauce!

That entire dish? Less than 500 calories.  You could do worse damage at any Applebee’s.

Then, for dessert…this is going to sound so weird, but it was really good.

3 tbsps Jarrow Brown Rice Protein Powder
3 pkgs Truvia
1 tbsp Hershey Cocoa Powder
1 handful blueberries
1 tbsp Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Jam

I got the idea for the ‘protein powder ice cream’ from another blog and I honestly thought it was going to taste really crappy, but it’s not too bad! My one regret is that I couldn’t taste a lot of the cocoa powder.

In short: Pretty good, but not as good as real, honest to goodness ice cream.

Tomorrow, I might have to eat a bagel.  I’ve been dying for one!

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