Brownies, ice cream, lentils?

This afternoon was spent cleaning, watching sports, and working out.  All in all, a pretty satisfying Sunday.

Halfway through the afternoon I snacked on a Quaker True Delights Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut bar

I LOVED this bar because it gives you a ton of bang for your buck.  First of all, it’s a pretty big bar for its nutritionals, which I appreciate because sometimes you open up a bar pack and it’s like the size of your pinky. Second of all, the shavings of coconut on top lent it a decadent taste.  Thirdly, it tasted like a rich pina colada, and it kept me fueled for my hour-long workout.

Today, I broke out one of my Billy Blanks Amped DVDs as well as my Amped bar, and did 45 minutes of weight training.  It was brutal.  Billy and I go way back, to when I was about 14.  About ten summers ago, I started doing his Tae Bo Advanced tape and got in really good shape.  I did it every single day, diligently.  Now I still do that tape on occasion, but I have a whole array of his stuff.  I love the Amped bar because it’s only 3 pounds but your arms hurt like hell afterwards!

After the Amped workout, I did the elliptical for 30 minutes on the “Around The World” setting, which I like because it gives you several intervals of differing resistance.  I worked up a huge sweat, and loved every minute of it.

Dinner tonight was simple and delicious.  My sister came over and cooked some marinated chicken on our grill, and sauteed spinach and cannelini beans as well.

So delicious and hearty.

For my dessert, I whipped up something that I thought would be really special: Lentil Brownies.  Now, all of you are going “What the hell is that?” Well, I found the recipe on Carrots ‘N Cake, and thought it looked absolutely delicious.  I subbed So Delicious Coconut Yogurt for the chocolate yogurt, and unfortunately I didn’t have any real sugar in the house so I had to use Splenda.  BIG mistake.

This brownies looked and smelled amazing

And looked even better when topped with a dollop of Laloo’s Goat’s Milk Vanilla Snowflake Ice Cream and Hershey Syrup

Unfortunately, the lack of real sugar in the recipe made it impossible for these to taste very appealing, no matter how much ice cream I dumped on top of them.  I’m sure Tina’s were much better since she put in real honest-to-goodness sugar in it! Plus, I didn’t use enough Splenda (barely 1/3 a cup) so it had a decidedly lentil taste.  Not good.  But I will try again with regular sugar and hopefully that will solve the problem! The ice cream was great, though.  It’s made with goat’s milk, so it’s got much less lactose than cow’s milk ice cream; it’s creamier than cow’s milk, too.  There was about a serving left in the carton so I may have polished it off.

Now my belly is nice and full.  Off to watch the rest of the Celtics/Lakers game, as well as the Tony’s! Go Sean Hayes!

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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