Soup for a cloudy day

Well, this weather is odd.  It just can’t seem to make up its mind! I hope once I get to the beach on Wednesday it’ll be beautiful.

Since the weather is a hodgepodge of cold and warm, sunny and cloudy, I didn’t know if I wanted a salad or soup.  I decided since I’m running low on spinach to have, once again, some turkey roll-ups.  I smeared them with a little bit of Hellman’s Light Mayo as well (because turkey, cheese, and mayonnaise just go together, right?

After lunch I also had to bid goodbye to my Soya Kaas Cheddar Style Slices.  They are possibly the best cheese substitute I’ve had yet (aside from Daiya Shredded) and go perfectly with my Boar’s Head Maple Roasted Turkey.  I don’t know if we just stumbled on a good round of turkey, but this has to be the best I’ve eaten in a while.

I paired with my roll-ups a carton of V8 Tomato Herb Soup.  Nothing says comfort food to me like tomato soup.  I should’ve made a grilled cheese sandwich to dip it in, but right now my body is saying to me it doesn’t want carbs.  Just clean proteins, please.

That soup is absolutely delicious because of how chunky and thick it is.  Usually I hate chunks of tomato in my soups, but this has so much flavor and spice it’s all right.  And the turkey roll-ups were again delicious, with a little bit of French’s Mustard in there as well as Olivia’s Baby Spinach.  I may have eaten two more pieces of turkey straight from the pack.

When I went to go pick up my brand new car, I packed a huge Fuji Apple

Which my mom proceeded to eat half of (she was starving!).  I let her, because after we came home I enjoyed a plate of watermelon along with 2 cups of Ocean Spray Diet Blueberry Juice.  

Now to watch the World Cup Italy/Paraguay game!!! FORZA ITALIA! 

Who are you all rooting for in the World Cup?

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