Baked Tofu, Power Yoga, Size 2’s, and Chinese Food

This weekend was pretty full.  Not of eats (which were boring and ugly and I won’t bother putting up a lot of what I ate because it was repetitive and dull) but of activity, power, and sweat.  Loads of sweat.

Saturday was my well-deserved day off from exercise.  I had planned to sleep in until around 8 and enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  However, my body decided to wake me up around 6 AM, sharp! I think I’ve trained my body to get ready for early mornings, so now it won’t let me sleep in!

After a morning of errands, I ended up meeting with Connie to go over to West Farms Mall for some shopping therapy.  We stopped at the Gap so Connie could trade in her size 2’s for a size 0! I ended up falling in love with a pair of boyfriend jeans, but was hesitant to try on my normal size (which is, at the Gap, a 2 currently) due to my gut problems.  I didn’t think they’d fit right, which wouldn’t be an issue, but I felt kind of weird doing it.  However, at Connie’s urging, I stepped into the fitting room.

Lo and behold!

If you had told me about a year and a half ago that I would rock a pair of size 2 Gap pants while bloated out of my mind, I would’ve said you were nuts and probably would have slapped you!

After a wild celebration (wherein Connie grabbed the back of the jeans and yanked on them in joy, which kind of hurt but it was a nice gesture!), we headed off to PF Chang’s.  Connie had a $25 gift card to PF Chang’s that she wanted to spend, and you can’t split up a gift card so we needed to get a lot of food.  I was only mad I couldn’t eat a more substantial meal! Colitis, you may take away my lettuce wraps, but you’ll never take away my freedom!

Connie ended up ordering exactly 26 dollars worth of food! She mapped out the menu perfectly.  Included in her order (which she took home to share with family) were:

Fried Calamari.  These didn’t look anything like the calamari I’m used to!

Crab-filled Wontons.

Fried Asparagus! I was devastated I couldn’t eat any of this, the dipping sauce looked amazing!

Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  Let’s face it, this is the only reason any of us go to PF Chang’s.  It’s perhaps the best Chinese food apart from dim sum that I have ever had.  And, thankfully, it’s the safest thing to order on the menu if you’re watching your waist (the entire plate clocks in at around 500 cals!)
I was a little worried about what I could eat at PF Chang’s without my stomach throwing a mutiny.  Connie suggested I try the egg drop soup, a thick broth filled with scallions and egg whites.  It intrigued me, and my mom supported her claim that it was tasty, so I ordered the bowl and had some at the restaurant, and packed the rest to eat for dinner later that night.

This was delicious!!!!! So thick, rich and flavorful, but still very light at the same time.  I had no problem scarfing down almost 3/4 of the bowl (which was a gigantic one).  When I brought it home with me to finish it up, I put a few oyster crackers on top!

Saturday night I went to see some friends in a musical in Thomaston.  Afterwards, I was starving, and broke into a huge bosc pear

This thing was HUGE, but absolutely delicious.  I’d never had a raw Bosc before (i usually eat d’Anjou pears) and I was pleasantly surprised by its crisp sweetness.  The skin smells like raw honey.

On Sunday, I had a huge day of fun!

I woke up around 7:30 and prepared myself a delicious chocolate cherry smoothie to drink before Power Yoga with Connie.

I believe this was 1 c frozen cherries, 1 handful baby spinach, 1 c Silk Almond Milk, 1 serving Jarrow Brown Rice Protein Powder, 1 tbsp Hershey’s Cocoa Powder, 1 tsp Flax Oil, and a package of Stevia.  Absolutely delicious, however I didn’t keep it in the blender long enough.  It had little flecks of spinach here and there that proved a little chewy.  You still couldn’t taste it though!

Yoga was delicious.  I haven’t been to a power yoga class in about two years.  Over the past two months I’ve been slowly ingraining myself back into the practice of yoga, trying to keep up with Connie (who is, as I’ve stated before, a yoga master).  Today was a Power Flow class, which I thought would be a little bit easier since one of the hardest things for me to do in yoga is to get into a pose and hold it.  I figured flowing from pose to pose would be challenging but easier for me.

Um, that was maybe the dumbest thing I’ve ever thought.  This class was brutal.  Our instructor, an adorable woman named Alysse (who is the girlfriend of my Tuesday instructor, Nick), proceeded to kick our asses with multiple sets of chatarungas and side twists that had my hips and arms screaming.  My biceps are still sore as I type this! But I left the class feeling cleansed, refreshed, exhausted, and strong.  At one point, Alysse told us we could do one-legged chatarungas/planks if that was ‘our practice’ today.  I thought about it, then stopped thinking and just did it, and I proceeded to do it for the next fifteen planks! I felt like a superwoman! I will definitely be making Sunday Power Yoga Flow day!

After class, I was happy but dizzy with hunger.  Thankfully, I had come prepared.  I immediately broke into a Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick Bar:

God, I love these.  So delicious and minty!
After I helped Connie clean up, we spent a few hours at a flea market where we scored some terrific finds.  
Today, I ran for the first time in a couple days, but I did it on the treadmill.  It was way too hot and humid out for me to even consider running outside.  I managed to bust out a 5K before 8AM, and made it out the door in time for work! 
Tonight I made a quick shopping trip to Whole Foods to pick up a few new protein bars (one of which I will be sampling tomorrow morning!) and a centerpiece for my dinner.  My brother had eaten our last chicken breast, so I didn’t have a meal ‘star’ yet.  I found a block of Nasoya Lite Tofu and proceeded from there.  I sliced up about 1/2 the block and doused it in peanut sauce then baked it in the oven at around 350 for ten minutes until it firmed up. 
Before that, however, I spent a few hours on the porch reading my book.  I snacked on a Kashi TLC Cranberry Walnut Bar in the process, and I managed to get you a picture of the bar so you’d know what I’m saying when I mean “goopy topping.”
Crunchy, sweet, and sticky!
And this is how my Peanut Baked Tofu came out!
Served with asparagus, ketchup, and a piece of Rye bread with Smart Balance.  

I also purchased at Whole Foods Chilled Melon and Lemongrass Soup.  I thought it would be the perfect summery accompaniment to my slightly Asian-infused dinner.
It wasn’t.  Oh sure, it was good, I must admit.  For the first few bites, it was light, flavorful, and refreshing.  But after the first few bites I could feel myself liking it less and less, to the point where I had to dump almost all of it out! I think pairing it with the peanut tofu was its downfall.  I should’ve eaten it with a strawberries, spinach, and tofu salad.  Maybe tomorrow??
I ended up subbing out that soup for some Imagine Corn Harvest Soup.  
MUCH better.
Of course I needed a little somethin’ somethin’ after that dinner (which was pretty light).  I ended up finishing the last of my tub of Tru Whip with a spoonful of Stonewall Kitchen Apple Caramel Butter.  I debated sticking my face into the jar of apple butter.  It is that good.  The caramel really pushes it over the top!
And then I tried a new brand of gum.  Now, because of my IBS I can’t really have a lot of types of gum because of the artificial sugars.  Enter…Glee Gum.

Glee Gum is, as it says right there on the box, made with rainforest chicle and contains no artificial sweetners.  Yet, it’s still the same calorically as Orbit and Extra Sugarfree! I happily broke into this flavor and the Tangerine one and enjoyed it immensely, however my one complaint would be that the flavor doesn’t last very long (i think because it’s all-natural it doesn’t hold up very well under duress!).
Now I must close, for I have to rise at the crack of dawn to bring my Dad to the airport! I’ll catch you later!

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