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Well, I can assure you that I didn’t starve myself the last few days.  My eats were just super boring.  Aside from the fact that I FINALLY ate the Tasty Bites Punjabi Eggplant that had been sitting in my cupboard for god knows how long, yesterday wasn’t exactly a standout day as far as eating is concerned.

Yesterday’s breakfast after elliptical-ing it out for about 35 minutes: Strawberry/Blueberry Smoothie

1 c sliced frozen strawberries, 1 scoop Tera’sWhey Blueberry Protein Powder, 1/4 c frozen cherries, 1 c Silk Almond Milk, Truvia to taste, ice

The ice made this thing double in volume.  I filled that entire 16 oz glass and then had a good 8 oz left in the blender.  I ate all of it, of course.  It was really good but I still am not a really big fan of the Teraswhey stuff.  It has the worst aftertaste.

I paired my smoothie with one of my weirder egg sandwich creations, inspired by Meghann:

Two egg whites.  On a light English Muffin.  With peach jam and vegan cream cheese.  WEIRD, I know.  But it actually tasted really good! I might redo it sometime.

Last night I had my shift at the studio, and my yoga practice was killer.  I’m not sure what it was about Nick’s class last night that made me so flexible, present, and strong, but whatever the reason, it sure worked.  I was nailing every single position and holding it calmly.  The only time I almost fell out was when I tried to fully thread the needle on my left side (don’t worry if you don’t speak yogi, it’s basically balancing on one side while laying down), but I focused my drishti and managed to stay in it.  I also managed to go from down dog, to plank, to balancing table, to awkward table, all the way back to table and down dog again without shaking.  I think I’m getting the hang of this! Also, I can feel my body start to reshape itself after a month and a half of continuous yoga.  I can certainly tell in my shoulders! They’re getting humongous!

When I got home from yoga I fixed myself a little somethin’ somethin’:

In there is a sliced peach, a few chopped up cherries, and a dollop of Fat Free Reddi-Whip.  Because whipped cream was missing from too many of my desserts.

Breakfast this morning was exactly what I wanted.  I ended up changing my normal ‘apple/yogurt/muffin’ routine, and decided to use one of the Taylor’s Gold pears I had just purchased (I’m going to keep buying these until they’re out of season!).

On the English muffin I put Smart Balance and Stonewall Kitchen Caramel Apple Butter.

By the way, the English muffin is the new flavor from Thomas’-Apple Cinnamon!

Now, I’m not sure why they did this because Apple Cinnamon, to me, is always much more of an autumnal flavor combination.  But I will not complain because the package itself smelled heavenly.  My brother caught me smelling it and looked profoundly puzzled until I explained the new flavor! Now as far as the taste…it was delicious but I think I was expecting more apple.  Perhaps next time I’ll just use the Smart Balance and see if that doesn’t disguise the true flavors of this muffin.

Also, today I saw a deer in my backyard! And she looked right at me!

This is almost a carbon copy of a picture I took last August!

August 2009
they almost look the same, don’t they?

After I took this picture, she turned very quickly and bit the head off one of Mom’s tulips.  Perhaps my wet head from the shower threw her off?
Tonight after work (which was brutally busy and I’m so sad Germany’s out of the World Cup!), I had to go grocery shopping for my mom to pick up some chicken cutlets.  I used this as an excuse to pick up a vegetable I’ve been meaning to experiment with for a while…rutabaga!
Now, I won’t beat around the bush: this is one fugly vegetable, and the skin feels like wax paper.  But I was determined to make rutabaga fries, so I carefully sliced about 1 cup of rutabaga and cut it into strips:
This ended up being a teeny serving! I kind of wanted more of it, but I didn’t want to cut up the entire rutabaga for just one serving.  Plus, I’d never had it before so if I hated it I didn’t want to waste a bunch.  After coating them in Pam and S&P I baked them up for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees, and got to work on the main part of my meal.
Ally’s Morningstar Joes
1 handful chopped white onion
1/2 chopped large carrot (although I don’t think i’ll use these next time, it kind of took away from the rest of the dish)
1 c Morningstar Farms Meal Starters Griller Crumbles
BBQ Sauce

Swirl 1 tsp olive oil in pot.  Add onions and carrot and saute until soft and the onions are browned.  Add the Morningstar Farms Crumbles and stir until crumbles heat up, then add last three ingredients to taste.
I ended up putting my Joe on a Arnold Thin with Veggie Slice Mozzarella, along with my Rutabaga Fries.

The Joe was AMAZING.  It almost reminded me of the flavors of pulled pork, but probably just because my mom uses the same barbecue sauce I used in her pulled pork recipe.  I don’t think I’ve had a sloppy joe since they served them to us in school, and I think I’ll never have a Manwich Joe ever again.  This was just so good! And as for the fries, I really liked them but they didn’t stiffen up and get as crispy as I like my fries to normally be.  They kind of got really soft.  But the taste was still great! Anything is great with ketchup.
About twenty minutes after dinner and cleanup I enjoyed a small bowl of kiwi, chopped cherries, 2 strawberries, some Cool Whip, and a handful of TJ’s Mini PB Cups.  I also sprinkled some Truvia on top to give it that granular, sugary feel.
I think it is very safe to say that I have an outrageous sweet tooth.  I could eat ice cream every single day.  Indeed, some of my friends do that! But I’m also of the constitution where I can’t overindulge all the time because my body isn’t conditioned that way anymore.  If I eat too many sweet things, I start to feel sick and begin to crave healthy foods, whereas back in college I was so used to junk food it became my normal.  Now, eating healthfully is my normal.  But I still love my chocolate and ice cream! 🙂

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