God, thank you for bringing Chipotle to West Hartford.

Black Bean, Corn Salsa, Fajita Veggies, Salsas on 3 Corn Tacos.

Perfection, although the hot salsa I sprayed on it may have caused my sinuses to clear in ways I didn’t know existed.

Post-show paella at O Porto in West Hartford, along with a few platano fritos.

The biggest Asian Chicken Salad I have ever seen in my life.
Some electrolytes at the pool…

And a big dinner of Peach bbq chicken, kale chips, roasted carrots.

Together with homemade vegan mango ice cream for dessert.  

Published by The Curious Ally Cat

I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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