got a lot of things to figure out

Well.  This week was just full of bad news, wasn’t it?

On the personal side, today I got to make my yearly visit to the dentist.  The entire time I was in the chair the song “Dentist” from Little Shop of Horrors would not stop playing in my head (Son, be a dentist! You have a talent for causing things pain! SON, BE A DENTIST! People will pay you to be inhumane!).

The diagnosis? A festering cavity has parked its nasty little behind right in between my back teeth on the upper left side of my chomper.  And another, smaller one is on the lower right side, again in between my teeth.  Apparently my long-held opinion that flossing is for nerds was not working very well on my pearly whites (totally kidding on the nerdy thing…I don’t floss because it hurts, and I’m always running out the door after my brushing routine!).

My dentist, a very nice man, broke the news of my rotting teeth to me in a slightly nontraditional way.

Dentist: Have you ever had a cavity?
Me: *none too proudly* NOPE.
Dentist: You’re going to hate me.
Me: …??
Dentist: You have two.
Me: *contemplates Japanese style suicide*

Apparently cavities don’t always cause pain when you get them.  My dentist informed me of this in, yet again, an odd way.  “Sometimes when I get patients and look in their mouths, they have bombed out craters in there and they didn’t feel a thing,” he said cheerfully.  I would have laughed if I wasn’t suddenly bombarded with images of the back of my mouth resembling a minor Manhattan Project.

So, all things said, I get the first one filled and fixed on September 21st, then I get the second one done some time in October.  My dentist assured me I will be numb for the procedure.  I should hope so!

Speaking of things causing pain…

I had absolutely no idea that Caroline had even tweaked her knee, let alone tore her ACL again, until I got messages wishing her well on my Twitter feed.  I was blindsided, and immediately went to my most trusted newsource (god bless The Boneyard).  When my mom walked in, I demanded she confirm the news, and she did.

I was not blogging yet when Caroline first got hurt in that horrific game against Syracuse, which I won’t even bother discussing in detail because it’ll make me mad (you tripped my dad?! YOU TRIPPED MY DAD?!).  But I remember the feelings that ran through Mom and I when we saw her go down.  I watched her writhe, and strike her fist against the ground, and I knew.  I knew it was over, and I put my head in my hands and shook.

I didn’t get a chance to see Dad until much, much later that night.  But when I did, I was confronted with a man who looked as if a Dyson vacuum had sucked all the life out of him.  He looked broken, hollowed-out.  A shell of the usual tour de force he is.  I didn’t even really hug him.  I put my head on his shoulder, and I cried.  He just sat there, and murmured “Why do these things happen, Ally?”

And for once in my life, I had nothing to say.

I still don’t.  Not when it comes to a great kid who worked her butt off, and deserved a full summer of playing and another full year.  She deserves better.

But the good thing that can be gleaned from this situation is what Caroline spoke of when Tiffany tweeted a very cute video of them together.  She looked into the camera, smiled, and announced, “I get an extra year!”

Oh, yes she will.

Let’s all hope her three eligible years are happy, productive, and healthy.

We all love ya, Sweet Caroline!


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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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