Bad Day.

Thank God this week is over, that’s all I can say.  I think my PMS was out of control this week!

Today’s eats were awful.  Although my dinner was nice, but I had such high hopes for my breakfast this morning.  It was a SIAB: a smoothie in a bowl!

In my SIAB, I combined
1 cup Dole Mixed Fruits (papaya, banana, mango, etc.)
1 cup almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1 tbsp unsweetened coconut
xantham gum

I had to really add a ton of water to this! It was so thick.  But unfortunately that gave it the consistency of a slushie.  I topped it with 1/4 c Kashi Cocoa Beach Granola and another tbsp unsweetened coconut, but this was a lot of stuff without much flavor (although it was freezing cold!).

Lunch was my standard of turkey lettuce wraps, although I added in some rice cakes and a huge bowl of fruit salad.  The fruit salad was not the best choice, as my tummy has not been very nice to me today.  It ended up causing me a lot of pain.

I thought maybe working out would help, so before I hopped on the elliptical I ate a peanut butter chocolate chip Clif Mini.  The 40 minutes I spent on the elliptical was shockingly great! I felt like I had tons of energy afterwards, and my stomach did feel a little bit better.

I wasn’t in the mood to eat a huge dinner, so I had my go-to for when I’m not feeling my best: eggs.
In the skillet I heated up 2 eggs, 2 eggwhites, pasta sauce.  Then I steamed up some asparagus and roasted some carrots in the oven to create carrot fries.  

For dessert I just ate some white chocolate raspberry yogurt, topped with 2 strawberries, some whipped cream, and shaved white chocolate.


Now I’m sipping on some detox tea. Hopefully that will clear out my toxins and help me feel cleansed.

I realize that this does not seem like a lot of food.  But trust me when I say this: I never let myself go hungry.  If I’m truly hungry-and I don’t mean just bored hungry, or stressed hungry, but real, true hunger-I eat! My meals are all around 500 calories.  After many months of counting, I know for a fact that I average around 1800-2000 calories a day.  I prefer to eat big meals because that is how I was raised, and I like the concept of sitting down to a big, satisfying meal.  I know my meals have been skimpy lately, but my stomach has been simply unbearable and I must listen to what my body is telling me.  Today, around when I should eat lunch, I looked at my mother and sighed, “I’m not hungry at all, but I should eat.” My mom said to me, “They always tell you to never eat unless you’re truly hungry.” I should’ve listened, because half an hour later, I was in tremendous amounts of pain!

Tomorrow will be better, I know it.  I have a big day planned.  I want to get a run in in the morning, I’m thinking about getting a haircut, and I have a barbecue to go to! I cannot wait to show you what I plan on bringing…it’s raw, and it’s a dessert!


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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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