Oats in a Jar and sundry

This week was tiring, but good.  I think I’m coming down with something again, unfortunately.  This time it’s a cold that’s been spreading its way around my campus.  I thought I had run myself down, but I came into class yesterday to find a few students sniffling and knew it wasn’t just me.  Campuses are incubators for illness!
Luckily I’ve come prepared for such things.  My stomach has also been ripped up a lot the last few days, but I’ve been trying to eat as normally as possible.  It seems to help!
Welcome back, OIAJ (Oats in a Jar)! Finally I wore down this jar of White Chocolate Wonderful.  It’s been in my pantry for a long time, and I finally got a chance to demolish what was left.
In the mixture I heated1/2 cup oat bran with water then added 1 pack of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt, 1/2 diced pluot (I ate the other half) and Stonewall Kitchen sugar free blueberry jam.
As you can see there was so much oats that I could barely fit all of it into the jar.  That bit left in the bowl wasn’t even close to what was there originally.  I had already put a good dent in there!
Illegally good.
 I usually don’t add Greek yogurt to my oats but I felt compelled to yesterday, as my breakfast needed to last me throughout a 3 hour seminar on James Joyce.  I ended up doing a pretty bang-on job.
When I got home, I decided on some sweet and savory.  I heated up my last tortilla filled with 3 slices of soya Cheddar cheese and about 1/2 a large sliced Honeycrisp apple, as well as some spinach.  I also threw in a tbsp of Nayonaise, which wasn’t the best idea I’ve ever had.  It clashed with the rest of the dish.
 I paired my sandwich with some Butternut Squash and Red Pepper soup and I cannot for the life of me remember the brand.  I also ate the rest of my Honeycrisp apple.  It’s too good to waste!
 After a pretty good workout and a snack of grapes and a rice cake smeared with Better N Peanut Butter, I went to a gala dinner with my parents at the Aqua Turf in Plantsville, CT.  It was really fun!
First course was a salad with some kind of poppyseed dressing.  I didn’t really want to have a whole ton of dairy so I ate around the dollop, but I did get a few bites of it and it was good!
 A pasta course was next, but I wasn’t feeling it.  It was dressed in a meat sauce and I was already having chicken for dinner, plus pasta wouldn’t have sat well with me this particular evening.  I passed.
The main course was awesome, if a little huge.  Chicken scaloppine with a small twice-baked potato and green beans served ‘family style (they gave each table a huge bowl of it and we served ourselves)’.  Also hiding underneath the chicken was sauteed baby spinach, which was an awesome surprise!

I was a bit surprised at the fact that we were all served two pieces of chicken, rather than one.  I’m used to portioning out meals myself and I’m quite used to what a regular portion is supposed to look like and this was definitely twice what I’d normally serve myself.  If I’d had both pieces of chicken I would’ve been stuffed.  So I did what any normal girl would do: I ate one piece of chicken and left the other one alone.  In the meantime, I ate the fluffy topping of the potato (and the skin), all of the spinach, half a breadroll, and absolutely killed two servings of the green beans (which were sprinkled with sliced peanuts, an interesting touch!).  I was pretty happy with my decisions, although I did steal the rest of my mom’s spinach off her plate.  It was so good.  I’m pretty sure it was all the butter the spinach was drenched in, but I’m not one to split hairs when it comes to good food.

I wasn’t really expecting a decadent dessert, but I definitely wasn’t expecting a cookie and brownie platter! I was so happy.  I love variety of desserts and these were tiny enough that I didn’t feel guilty about having both.  These are teeny weeny.  I had a fudge brownie piece and a cinnamon raisin oatmeal cookie that was just heaven when I dunked it into my demitasse of decaf coffee.

I think I’m liking this Intuitive Eating thing.  I’ve been trying to get counting calories out of my head.  It’s still a vague number, sure, but now it’s just something I’m aware of to prevent me from overeating.  Plus, it’s gotten to the point where I really do know the calories of everything, so it’s now up to me to just make good, healthy decisions.  Which I do anyway.

This morning I got up and decided I wanted an eggwhite omlette, so I made one with the last of my eggwhites (very close to four), 1/2 a Honeycrisp apple and the soya Cheddar.

And then the rest of the day was spent at school and at home studying.  I did manage to get to the gym and power out some good interval training on the elliptical, but I gotta say it’s not as fun reading Middle English literature on the machines than it is when you’re zoning out to the newest issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

Now I’m settling in with a cup of pumpkin hot chocolate and my books, and hopefully getting off to bed sooner rather than later so I can get to Power Yoga in the morning.  My hips need a good streeeeeeeetch.

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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