Let it snow…

Or rather, let it completely dump piles and piles of wet stuff all over the place until you can’t see any of our cars in the drive!

If you could see my Mom’s car right now…no, really.  It is buried underneath probably two feet of snow! And tomorrow it’s supposed to be cold and icy, so everything will turn into impenetrable force fields of ice! Yikes!

I kind of love not being able to go anywhere.  I managed to get in a great workout this morning despite being snowed in.  However, I must say I was disappointed just a little bit with the DVD I picked:

Now, let me just preface this with the following statement: I adore the living hell out of Billy Blanks.  I first started to work out to his videos (VHS videos…oh yeah) when I was 14.  His “Advanced” tape still kicks my butt into a thousand pieces, and back then I thought I was going to get into killer shape.  I did lose a few pounds, but when school started back up I immediately gained it all back and then some.  Ah, well.  Now it’s just turned into a massive obsession.  I must buy his tapes when they come out.  I have quite an impression collection!  So when I saw this baby at my local Target last October, I snapped it up.  Today was the first day I’ve been able to work out to it!

Oh, Billy.  I ❤ you.
You see that on there? 800 freaking calories? I was thinking I was going to get my ASS handed to me.  So I hopped onto the elliptical for a 10 minute warmup, then prepared myself for massive amounts of sweat and pain.  I even drank a ton of water beforehand, which made me feel like the Michelin Man in a nighttime job as a ninja (the Michelin Ninja?).
  Unfortunately, no.  First off, the DVD box says this workout lasts 67 minutes.  It does not.  It lasts about 55 and ten of those minutes are warmup-cooldown moves and the classic Billy Blanks “pep talk” at the end (“Light your inner fire”).  This is just typical Billy Blanks Boot Camp stuff-punches, kicks, a few cardio ‘Amped’ intervals just to make things interesting.  I was sweating at the end of it, to be sure.  But I doubt I burned 200 calories, let alone 800.  It was a fun cardio workout with all the Billy bells and whistles.  I’ll probably pull this out again just for fun every once and a while, as it’s a great supplemental workout.  But as far as getting a butt kicking, I think I’ll stick to his Amped routines or the Advanced VHS, which I still own and I’m stunned isn’t ruined by constant replay.
Although there is one more reason why I love the Tae Bo tapes…and it’s because of Shellie.  Oh, my, GOD.
love of my liiiiiiife
I can’t even explain to you how much I love her.  It’s kind of sad.  When people ask me what kind of body type I find the most beautiful, I think of either Shellie Blanks or Jessica Biel.  Strong, but womanly.  Amazing.  (well, or Britney Spears back in the “Slave 4 U” days.  Have you heard the new song? Flawless.)
I even made a killer breakfast beforehand because I figured I’d be using a lot of energy on the DVD.

I’ve been wanting to make pancakes for WEEKS, but I’ve been too busy in the mornings to do so.  Well, today seemed to be the perfect day to get my pancake craving out of the way!
And…*drumroll* they’re vegan!
Vegan Multi-grain Apple Pancakes with PB Sauce (and Coconut “Snow”!)
makes 3 HUGE pancakes or 6 tiny ones…clearly I went the way of humongous this morning.)
1/2 c multi-grain pancake mix (I use Hodgson’s)
1/2 c almond milk
1 flax “egg” (1 tbsp flax meal and 3 tbsps water mixed together to form a gel)
Apple pie spice, stevia to taste
1/2 Honeycrisp apple, chopped (feel free to eat the other half out of hand, I did!)
Mix everything but the apple together in a mixing bowl, adding water to thin out the mixture if you need it (which you might, but just a little bit…you still want this mix to be thick).  
Heat up griddle or pan sprayed with nonstick spray (I don’t have a griddle so I used a pan, worked just as well!)
Ladle 1/4 c batter into the pan at a time to form pancake.  Sprinkle a few pieces of Honeycrisp apple into the pancake.  When the batter starts to pull up from the griddle/skillet and bubble on top, you know it’s ready to be flipped.  
I only flip it for a little bit, just to get it seared and the apple to get a tad soft, but that’s just me. I like a bit of batter action remaining in the pancakes!
Repeat two times for three giant flapjacks! Then start on the saucey topping.
For the PB sauce topping you see up on those pancakes, combine 2 tbsps Peanut Flour (I use Trader Joe’s) with 2 tbsps water (or as much as needed to get it to a sauce-like consistency) and a packet of Truvia.  Mix well, then dollop over pancakes.  
If you want to get really crazy (like I did), you can top the entire mess with some unsweetened shredded coconut! I used Bob’s Red Mill, about 1/2 TBSP or so.
This was an epic breakfast.  I was carrying around a carb baby for about 2 hours.  I didn’t even feel the need to eat lunch until around 1:30 and I ate breakfast at 8!
And this whole recipe (including the other 1/2 apple I ate while preparing the pancakes, plus a little bit of maple syrup at the end to sweeten it even more)? 
410 calories!  BOOYAH. That is a perfectly-sized breakfast if you ask me.  And filling as hell.
Of course, I’ve been eating other breakfasts besides pancakes.  Have a look at this lovely bowl.
That would be oat bran with banana, blueberries, walnuts and agave nectar.  Mmmmmm.
Now, off to drink some tea and watch Black Swan if I get up the nerve!

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