Sweet Pea, apple of my eye.

By now you’ve guessed that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day.  Let me show you why.

quinoa with balsamic-cooked cinnamon apples and walnuts

oat bran cooked with cocoa powder and apple, topped with hazelnut granola, chocolate hazelnut butter and caramel apple butter

apple date oat bran with granola and maple almond butter
Buckwheat banana bake inspired by Ashley! Mixed with cranberries and a plantain, topped with unsalted almond butter and coconut
Just look at that gooey goodness.
My snacks/desserts have been stellar, too.
roasted plantain topped with cocoa sauce (2.5 tbsps dark cocoa powder mixed with water and stevia)
If you’ve never had a plantain, get thee to a grocery store and look for them.  Just don’t get a green one if you’re planning on roasting/cooking it for a sweet purpose.  You will be sorely disappointed, as it tastes like a potato.  But the yellow/black ones? Oh, they’re diviiiiine.  Sweeter and thicker and richer than regular bananas.

However…dinner has been great, too.  Due to some stomach problems, I’ve been attempting some creativity.  

two veggie burgers, rolled in two swiss chard leaves along with guacamole, mustard and ketchup and paired with parsnip fries and asparagus.

 Who am I kidding.  Back to breakfast.

maple almond butter apple oat bran with caramel apple butter

sun butter oats with apple and rolled chopped dates

Annnnnnd…buckwheat pancake fail.  I made these pancakes the same way I made the coconut sprinkled cakes the other week, but I think buckwheat doesn’t hold up very well in comparison to actual pancake mix.  So…fail.  I ate it.  But still.  Total fail.

And currently I’m eating raw ice cream made from cashews.  MINT CHOCOLATE raw ice cream made from cashews.  And it’s delicious.  I wish I had an ice cream maker.  It would save me a ton of money.

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

One thought on “Sweet Pea, apple of my eye.

  1. Hi, Ally,
    Mmmmm… I discovered your blog while looking for SunButter recipes. As a SunButter blogger, I so appreciate your breakfast creations. As a fellow breakfast lover, thanks for the inspiration to change things up a bit at our table! Looking forward to following your beautifully written posts.


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