from my head down to my legs.

First of all, if you’re here from my guest post on Healthy Ashley, go you and welcome!!! I was so honored to be chosen to do a post for Ashley, her story is quite remarkable and I’m so thrilled she’s found love and happiness in Asheville with her fox of a fiance, Richard.  Thanks, Ash!
But let’s get down to business.  I’ve missed posting pictures.  

 Now that summertime is almost here and spring has most certainly sprung, I can’t stop eating them.  On everything.  Sweet mixes, savory omlettes, wrapped in Swiss chard or collard greens…I’m addicted and proud of it.  That is eggwhites on an Udi’s gluten-free bagel (which, I gotta be honest with you, might be just the best tasting bagel I’ve ever had.  When toasted, it’s got a crunch to it but it’s still thick.  I LOVE them.)

I’ve also been eating grapefruits like they’ll go out of style or become extinct or something.  That tang from the citrus is unbelievable.  Sometimes they can be a bit too tart, so I’ve been taking to topping them with just a sprinkle of stevia from a packet.

 That was the other part of my breakfast that day…I put some of the egg whites in another bowl and topped them with salsa.  I told you I’m addicted to eggs.

Something else I’m addicted to? Sweet potatoes.  And swiss chard wraps.  

I’ve been taking to drizzling tahini on top of my sweet potatoes like HEAB, but sometimes just that alone can be a bit much for my taste buds.  I buy tahini made from roasted sesame seeds and the taste is VERY chalky if you just eat it by itself.  That is nothing, however, a little bit of agave and coconut oil can’t fix!

I’ve actually eaten sweet potatoes or potatoes 4 times this week.  Also I just went to Trader Joe’s yesterday and as well as stocked up on my favorite sunflower seed butter (which I’m currently enjoying slathered on top of half an Udi’s bagel!), I bought a bag of their small sweet potatoes.  One of those bad boys has 100 calories…so obviously I’ll be eating two tonight with my dinner.  Just sayin’.

I have issues.

But then again, you knew this.


PS.  Thanks for your advice on my lunchtime situation.  I’ve been just getting up a SMIDGE earlier and putting together a simple wrap and granola bar/yogurt lunch now, and it’s worked wonders.  My energy level is much better.  Although this Wednesday at work I got a Starbucks Strawberry Vivanno Smoothie and granola bar for my lunch, and the crash was so intense I swore I’d never do it again.  We shall see.

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