7 Foodie Facts!

I can’t really tag anybody on one of these lists, because let’s face it: I don’t have a ton of blog friends.  I tend to use this corner of the web to just rant.  But I got tagged by Caitlin of Cait Plus Ate to do this meme, and I decided to do it on BOTH of my blogs.  This version of the ‘7 Things You May Not Know About Me’ will deal with my food/fitness history and little tidbits of that ilk.

7 Food/Fitness Things You May Not Know About Me.
1. There are 20 flavors of Ben and Jerry’s that I know for a fact I have killed an entire pint.
I am not lying.  At all.  I discovered Ben and Jerry’s through a friend at a sleepover when I was 13, and proceeded to kill an entire pint.  Stomach of steel, I have.  When I got to high school, the convienience store carried pints of it, and I made my way through all of them.  All.  Of.  Them.  No wonder I ballooned 4 pants sizes in one year.  And the grossest part is I honestly think I’m missing a few.  This includes both versions of some flavors (I’ve killed a pint of the fro-yo AND regular versions of Half Baked).  Now, I can barely get through a few spoonfuls of that stuff.  Not that it isn’t good, it’s absolutely delicious.  But it’s so RICH.  I always have a pint of it in the fridge, though.  Right now I’m digging on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night Snack.  Chocolate covered potato chips? Be still my formerly chubby heart.

2.  I failed every single Fitness Day of my academic life.
I was the pudgy kid who couldn’t do a single pull-up, sit-up, or anything of that nature.  Fitness Day is the chunky kid’s worst nightmare in school, isn’t it? I absolutely despised it.  I was also the girl who wore three undershirts in the locker room so nobody would see any part of my body.  And the mile? Oh, screw that.  I would walk it, lay in the grass, whine and wheedle and bawl until I finished.   I think the fastest I ever ran it was about 15 minutes, because I jogged as slowly as possible.  But after that running just became an albatross around my neck.  Now, my fastest 5K time is 26 minutes.

3. I get food-obsessed and eat the same things for days on end.
One of the reasons why I don’t photograph and post my food anymore is that A) I am FAR too busy to deal with that shit and B) my food is BORING.  I mean, I always think it’s delicious, but it’s very repetitive because it’s always super quick.  I have a tight rotation of foods I eat because of my very, very jampacked schedule.  I would like to be one of those people who has time to cook and eat whatever they want, whenever they want it.  But I’m not a chef blogger who can spend hours in the kitchen (although I WISH).  There are a few days a week when I can afford to be creative with my dinners, but for breakfast it’s usually a couple of rice cakes or an English muffin smeared with almond butter and a piece of fruit, or an egg sandwich.  When I have time (which is MAYBE once a week), I love overnight oats or yogurt bowls, but I usually have a sugar crash after that.  Egg sandwiches are my go-to for most mornings, and my lunches are usually a huge steamed kale and chickpea salad with sriracha and avocado.  If I’m in class (which I will be this semester during Mondays and Wednesdays), I’ll be eating granola bars for lunch.  Sexy.  Dinners are usually some sort of canned soup if I’m really low on time, or a protein/carb/veggie combo.  I just bought some salmon burgers in order to make my weeknight dinners a little less junky.  And last night I threw a SHITLOAD of leftovers (chickpeas, veggies, corn) into a giant bowl filled with lettuce and radicchio, and covered it with refried beans and salsa and avocado and called it a vegan taco salad.  My food motto is that I don’t care if it looks like barf, as long as it tastes like heaven.  Sometimes this isn’t possible because there are times when my stomach REALLY hates me, and on those days I have soup and liquids, but I try to get in my calorie base for the day.

Also, if I don’t have peanut butter for more than 3 days, I get a facial twitch.  I’m not sure what causes it, I may have to look into it.  Fats in your diet aren’t going to run up to you and steal your wallet.  Trust me.

4. I get an insane amount of pleasure from ‘beating’ people at the gym; aka, I’m that bitch who likes to show people up with bigger weights/faster treadmill clips.
When I work out at home, I’m competing against nobody but my own mind.  Which is obviously a fun and interesting exercise to do (and really useful when you’re a practitioner of yoga like I am, because you should only be concerned with your own stuff on your mat) but sometimes I need someone else to compare against in terms of stamina. On Tuesday I went to the gym with my sister, and got my butt on a treadmill.  I’m not sure what happened to me, but I turned into a bat out of hell.  I completed 3 miles at a 6.5 pace easily, and then went on the elliptical and pounded out 30 easy minutes on that.  It was a fantastic workout, but what was great was that I went onto the treadmill facing the rest of the gym.  It just makes me feel badass for some reason, to know I’m killing these miles when the only other person on a treadmill is powerwalking.  And in the weight room? I’m usually the only chick in there (WHY are girls so scared of the weight room?! You aren’t going to get molested!), and lifting bigger weights than the guys is honestly a huge high. And I’m not going to lie, when I’m in the yoga studio and pulling out chatarungas and the guy next to me is struggling to stay ‘in it’…it’s very satisfying.  I’m a competitor, what can I say?

5.  I am a Tae-Bo addict.
If there were a Tae-Bo Anonymous, I would be at every single meeting.  When people talk about Insanity or P90X obsessions, I just smile knowing that Tae-Bo was around before any of that crap.  I’ve mentioned this before, but most of the way I got more toned as I was losing weight back in college was doing kickboxing videos.  Indeed, the first time I tried to lose weight was doing Tae-Bo tapes my freshman year of high school.  I ended up going down a jeans size, but once I went back to school my sophomore year I lost all of my smart decision-making skills and ballooned right back up.  But when I got to college, I got back into the tapes.  They are fucking KILLER, I don’t care who you are.  Whenever he comes out with a new line of tapes, I buy them.  I’ve tried the bands, the Amped bar, you name it, and whenever I don’t want to run or I don’t have time in the evening to attend a yoga class, I immediately pull out a Tae-Bo tape.  I own far, far too many of them, and they always give me a great workout.  The old ‘Advanced’ video from the late 90s is still what I use when I need to get my ass kicked.  Billy Blanks is coming out with a new line later on this year, and I will be first in line.  Also, Shellie Blanks-Cimarosti (Billy’s daughter) is a brick shithouse, and I love her to a level that isn’t normal.

6.  I used to dream of heroin!chic.
When I was dying (nearly literally) to be smaller, I looked at Marie Claire and other magazines and their depictions of fitness and supermodels wearing haute couture, and I would cry because I didn’t look like that.  Well, when I did end up looking like that, I felt miserable and my hair was falling out.  Not the best look if you’re looking to attract a man, which I was dying to.  Now, there is absolutely nothing attractive to me about the supermodel bodies of today.  But the bodies of Jessica Biel, Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet, and Evangeline Lilly? Hubba hubba.  They are absolutely stunning to me because they take care of themselves but show it in forms of strength and/or softness.  They aren’t afraid to be muscular, or voluptuous.  Those are the people I idolize.  I also love Gwyneth Paltrow because she isn’t afraid to admit she works out HARD to stay in shape, and has to watch what she eats in order to maintain her figure.  I wish more people were that honest.  (Oh, and I also adore Emma Stone and Rooney Mara, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish.  I just think they’re so interesting and quirky.)

7.  I didn’t drink regular coffee until I was 24.  Also, I love me some artificial sweetener.
From the ages of 14 to 23, I thought the only way one drank coffee was iced, with tons of skim milk and Splenda, and at least three flavor shots.  My favorite thing on Tuesdays and Thursdays was to stop at my campus Dunkin Donuts and ask for “Medium hazelnut iced coffee with skim milk and three Splenda.”  Then I got mono and had to stay away from most coffees and diet drinks, and when I managed to get myself back to drinking it a few months later, the sight of a hazelnut or coconut coffee made me want to gag.  It’s taken me a while to get used to that taste, but now my go-to in the morning is coffee, black, with three packets of Truvia.  But if I’m out in public at a coffee shop I WILL put Splenda in my coffee and you cannot stop me.

I love artificial sweetener.  I don’t care if it’s turning my bones into jell-o.   Let me have my artificial sweetener from time to time.  I know what you’re thinking: OMG, Ally! You do yoga! You should know better! Well, you know what? I also drink Diet Coke sometimes, I eat chocolate every single day, and I’m pretty sure I’m in the best shape of my entire life.  Pick yourself up off the floor and calm the hell down.

I can’t really tag anyone because I have no idea who actually reads this little soapbox.  But  I hope you learned something fun!

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

2 thoughts on “7 Foodie Facts!

  1. Read? Oh yeah, I read. It's interesting the different journeys we take. Sometimes in a slightly different order with somewhat different menus, but the path seems so familiar. I'm captivated to see the choices you make–why and how.

    Now in my fifth decade, it's interesting to see the effects of the choices younger me did.


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