Things You’d Know About if I Were Tweeting.

A few people have expressed to me that they miss my daily updates on Twitter about the things I’m currently digging and/or are obsessed with.  To be honest, I don’t really know why people find my TV or film or music interests that, well, interesting.  When you’re working 14 hour days on seminar papers and presentations and pedagogy pursuits, it’s pretty tempting to just lay in bed like a slug and aimlessly flick through channels when you get a break (or let’s be honest, do what I did on Monday and pass out for a solid hour in the middle of the afternoon).  But right now I’m giving myself a slight break from my work to tell you all about the stuff I’m doing with my life at the moment..because let’s face it, you’d know about this stuff if I were Tweeting.

1. Willing someone, anyone, to punch the collective GOP in the face.  I try not to get too political on my blog, but I think you can’t know me for longer than 10 minutes before you realize I’m a feminist and a hardcore liberal to the bone.  I hate Rick Santorum with the fire of a thousand suns, and if there is a God, I hope he’s planning some almighty damnation for Santorum’s judgement and vitriol towards women and gays.  That being said, I honestly also hope he ends up being Mitt Romney’s running mate, because Joe Biden will tear his ass apart in the debates.  …Just the though of that amazing moment makes me want to get out my popcorn, or at least the popcorn .gif of Michael Jackson in the Thriller video.  Plus, I don’t know if it’s because I go to the gym with a lot of very old Republicans, but I always get stuck on the elliptical in front of the FOX News Channel-centric TV and it makes me go even faster because I just want to punch everyone in the head.  Sorry not sorry?

such an unfortunate typo for such a fantastic message.

2. Drinking so much, so so so much coffee.  This week has been unseasonably warm (another sign of the Mayan apocalypse, along with Congress’s war on women) and a few days ago I had my first iced coffee of the season, an act that made me indescribably happy on so many levels.  I probably need a life, but I don’t care.  Little things make me pleased as punch.

3. Making time to see my parents/siblings/nephew.  I saw my Mom for the first time in a while yesterday.  I also managed to see my Dad for longer than 2 seconds, which was nice.  Ever since I got off Twitter our communication has dropped off.  That might be the saddest sentence I’ll ever write.  He told me last week that I looked ‘fried’ which I did not appreciate and argued against.  Of course, about two hours after this conversation I was hit with one of the worst cases of bronchitis on known record.  Well it wasn’t that bad but it really sucked.  I also managed to take a walk with my nephew the other day, and despite us having to chase him around every ten seconds because of dogs he wanted to pet or curbs he wanted to climb, it was a very peaceful situation.  I also managed to get a picture of him riding one of our garden statues like a pony.  The statue was of a little boy, so you can imagine our amusement.

4. Debating, once again, whether or not I should chop off all my hair.  I know, my life is SO HARD.  The other day at the gym my hair got stuck in its elastic and I ended up having to pull a giant gnarled clump out of my head.  If that doesn’t scream “get a haircut” I don’t know what does.  Plus, it’s getting to the point where my hair is actually quite literally weighing me down, and long hair, while awesome when tended to correctly, is actually kind of a major bitch to maintain.  I don’t have that amount of time, so I usually end up either putting it into Heidi braids or that popular ‘topknot’ style that looks like a Cinnabon plopped itself onto the top of my head.

5. FOOD.  Glorious, glorious food.  Over the winter season I kind of fell facefirst into carbs and beer, so I’m trying to go a little bit easier on myself for the spring.  I’m also in training to run a ‘mud run’ in June, so I’ve spent a little time trying to up my running mileage again, which was painful but in a really good way.  And food, more more food! I’ve been eating at a lot of great restaurants lately and number one out of all of them was Miya’s Sushi in New Haven.  Despite its reputation as an hipster-infested pit of irony, it more than deserves its crown of Best Sushi in CT, because the fusion aspect.  As far as my own culinary pursuits, I found a gluten free soda bread recipe.  This is so much more exciting to me than it really should be.  And PS: The currant or raisin-studded version you see in stores? That’s not really ‘soda bread’, that’s Spotted Dog.  Traditional Irish soda bread is buttermilk, baking soda, and flour.  That’s it, thank you and goodnight.  (This Irish history lesson is brought to you by a guinea.  But pay that no attention.) Also I’m hoarding Cadbury Mini-Egg bags so I can do what I did last year (aka, buy so many bags that I still have some left over from Easter 2011.  I’m that good.)

6. Debating the brackets! I’m not going to be tweeting during the Final Four this year since it falls within the Lenten season (STEP OFF THE LEDGE), so I’ve had to keep all of my thoughts about postseason play to myself!  It actually is not a big deal to me; even if we make it I won’t be able to go to Denver anyway due to work and school.  That being said, it’s always fun to see what people think about the brackets and the games being played. I was actually working and making dinner at the same time during Selection Monday so I had to get the bracket breakdown from my boyfriend, but what we both came to was the conclusion that we would kill, KILL, to see a Brittney Griner/Elena Delle Donne matchup.  Holy smokes.  I really hope that comes to fruition.  I would be loathe to make a prediction as to the outcome of that scenario but needless to say it’ll be epic regardless.  As for our game this weekend at Harbor Yard against Prairie View A&M, I will be there in my St. Patrick’s Day finest.  If you’re at the game, stop by and say hello!

7.  Work.  Work work work work work.  I’m on spring break at the moment and I’m actually more exhausted than I normally am because of all the work I’ve been doing on my various school projects.  My 30 minute Graphic Novel presentation on Calvin and Hobbes is due the day we get back, and an 8-10 page paper on Emily Dickinson for American Lit II is due that Thursday.  I’m nearly finished with the presentation, which is good because this weekend won’t be very sacrosanct in regards to work, but the other paper I should probably start getting a move on.  Thank goodness THAT presentation isn’t until late April, but I’m still slightly panicky about it.  I don’t have a grip on the kind of extended vocabulary that comes so easily and naturally to my fellow graduate students, probably because I spent most of my undergraduate career developing ‘animal essences’ and getting yelled at to ‘RAISE THE STAKES’ while performing a Neil Simon scene dressed as a prostitute.  Ah, drama majors.  What won’t we do?

8. Watching the HBO miniseries John Adams and oscillating between moments of pure ecstasy (“Paul Giamatti, you AMAZING HUMAN!”) and weeping like an idiot (“ABIGAIL AND JOHN FOREVER OMG REMEMBER THE LADIES”).  Where did articulate, brave, passionate, incredible men like this go? Well, we still have Obama, but who is competing against him? Idiots like Rick Santorum who can’t put a string of words together without mentioning that he hates gay people and that women who get pregnant should just live with it? Another show I’ve been watching lately is Archer.  That show is brilliant too, but in an entirely different and much more disgusting/offensive way.  Oh, and Game of Thrones comes back soon! I must read Clash of Kings before then.  Of course, that would mean getting started on my grand plan to add 20 more hours to every day in order to get everything done that I need to get done.  God help my poor brain, I think it’s thisclose to bursting into flames.

Clearly I’ve had too much coffee today.

Off to write more, hit the gym, watch more John Adams, debate whether or not to have tofu or eggs for dinner, and hopefully shift the world consciousness about the gestalt psychology inherent in Bill Watterson’s comics.  And this is what I do for a living?

Happy Thursday to me…


PS.  Perhaps I should put together a blog post composed entirely of ‘what I would Tweet if I were Tweeting’ during one of the tournament games? After all, most of my wit comes from spur of the moment randomness.  If I have any wit at all.  You be the judge.

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5 thoughts on “Things You’d Know About if I Were Tweeting.

  1. Just the other day I was thinking…when Ally gave up Twitter for Lent, that meant that I had to (kicking and screaming) give up Ally's Tweets for Lent as well. (Yes, my life is rough — like sandpaper on a…rough thing that isn't also sandpaper but would be a great metaphor if I could think of one.) During this time, it's important to heed the words of Count Rugen: “Get some rest. If you haven't got your health, then you haven't got anything.”

    Have fun storming the castle!


  2. Thanks for the post – I missed all the randomness 🙂

    Game of Thrones 2.1 is my reward for hopefully killing general exams, which are on the Friday before Season 2 starts. Please let it be epic.


  3. I was wondering where you were. Nice to know you are taking some time for yourself. Yes it was Rebecca and Geno that got my attention in the beginning, but it was the intelligent insightful young lady that kept me! It took me a minute to find your blog! I've book marked it now so I can come visit and see what you've been up too! BTW you are spot on about Santorum and his war on women and gays! One other thing, Doonesbury ROCKS! I love his strip but this past week was outstanding! Keep writing and I'll keep reading!


  4. I agree! I miss you on my Twitter TL! I love it because it is just someone I look up to and their life and what they like, and how you get through things, and having someone to relate to in many things from many books, to show, opinions, and so on. But also a different view on things. I am glad that you are continuing to blog, I enjoy reading your writing and what you have to say. And all your advice. Hope life is good!


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