New Blog, Cool People.

Hey guys.  So you may notice the name of my blog is different.  You may also notice in the coming days that my other blog will be going the way of the dodo.

From now on, all of my internet writings – unless posted at other places – will be located at  Change your feeds accordingly.

My reasoning for combining the blogs is simple – I’m a lazy soul at my bones, and I feel updating two separate blogs makes absolutely zero sense from an efficiency point of view.  But don’t worry, you’ll still be getting the same goodness (or total crap, your call) you’ve come to expect from the other blog.  I’ll just be putting those posts here.  I’m very happy Blogger made exporting a blog so easy!

The reason for my name change is very simple – I strive to be as curious as possible in my daily life (hence the ‘curious’ part) and my nickname from the time I can remember being named has been AllyCat.  Last weekend, I went bowling with friends and a friend of mine put my name on the computer screen as AllyCat without even the barest prompting from me.  Tamika Williams and Swin Cash also nicknamed me Ally McBeal, but that was back when that reference wasn’t dated.

Also, that name is from a time in my life that was quite different than how I am now.  I also took the opportunity to delete a LOT of posts from my other journal that are probably better left unseen.  They’re indicative of a very bad spot.

I’m in a good place right now.  This blog name reflects that.  Curiosity, innocence, growth, and stability.  And a willingness to land on my feet.


I wanted to share with you guys a few podcasts and blogs that I’ve been finding absolutely sensational lately.  I like sharing things that I like.  Sometimes I overshare.  But hey, nobody said this blog was a democracy.

A Sweet Spoonful 
Megan Gordon, owner of Marge Granola, has been based out of Seattle, Washington, for about a year and a half, but she originally started in California as an English teacher.  I think that might be why I like her blog so much; Megan’s recipes are written gorgeously but I mostly prefer her entries that discuss her daily life in Seattle with her partner, Sam.  Maybe it’s the way she describes their life together in such beautiful prose, but I read her blog and I want that kind of life, full of peaceful moments as well as frenetic ones, and topped off with fabulous food.  Honestly, the writing’s so good you almost forget how great the recipes look.  Megan’s been hard at work on her first cookbook, Whole Grain Mornings, to be released in October, and I’ll be first in line to get it. 

Molly Wizenberg’s book A Homemade Life was a national bestseller that one of these days I will get around to reading, but that’s not the point of why I’m recommending her to you.  I’m recommending her to you because of the same reasons I recommend A Sweet Spoonful – good writing that has almost nothing to do with the good recipes.  

Jennsylvania: Jen Lancaster
Author of Bitter is the New Black, Bright Lights Big Ass, and Such A Pretty Fat amongst others, Jen Lancaster started to write her blog when she lost her job in the big dotcom meltdown of 2001 and that blog – filled with bitter hilarity about her hobbies, trying to budget, and her beaten-down husband Fletch – is both distancing and utterly memorable.  The only thing I really don’t like about her is that she’s a Republican.  (Also I met her and she said she liked my jacket.  It made my year.)

Atlantic Pacific
An East Coast native who lived in San Francisco for a while and is now back on the East Coast working for Tory Burch, Blair Eadie doesn’t say much.  She lets her wardrobe speak for her.  And holy shit, I want everything she has in her closet.  Wait, scratch that – I’d like the budget that allows for that kind of closet.  Do yourself a favor and read this instead of Cupcakes and Cashmere.

Neil Gaiman’s Journal
If you don’t know Neil Gaiman’s work, stop reading this right now – no, seriously, close the computer – and go to your local bookstore and buy everything with that name on the cover.  I suggest you start with Sandman, just to get your feet wet in the most immersive way, and then dive headlong into Stardust.  Neil’s posts are delicious and quirky and profound, just like his books.

Joanne Eats Well With Others
Joanne is a marathoner and a dietetics PhD candidate who loves food and loves to cook for her boyfriend.  Game over. 

The Minimalist Baker
It does exactly what it says – the authors try to make everything with as simple an ingredient list as possible.  In a world where food blogs are usually tempted to stuff everything they can into a recipe and call it a day, John and Dana try to keep things simple.  Just like I’m trying to do in my life at the moment.

Happy Yolks – Recipes and Stories for Happy Folks
Just gorgeous.  Gorgeous writing, gorgeous photography, gorgeous food, gorgeous thoughts.

Podcasts I Dig:

How Did This Get Made?
Jason Mantzoukas, Paul Scheer, and June Diane Raphael – with a guest – deconstruct shitty movies.  It’s probably the thing I look forward to the most every two weeks on Tuesday when I wake up in the morning and refresh the podcast list, looking to see what movie they’ll be taking a dump on this week.  Last week they did an emergency podcast discussing Sharknado which was incredible, but I highly recommend the episodes on Spice World, The Devil’s Advocate, Super Mario Brothers, Demolition Man (which comes with a plot theory that will blow your MIND – and From Justin To Kelly.  Tomorrow will be Over the Top.  Also, the live episodes are a thousand times more hilarious than the in-studio ones but all of them are great.

The Jillian Michaels Show
Jillian Michaels is my HOMEGIRL.  I used to be a total Bob Harper fangirl but now he’s gotten so insanely into Crossfit it drives me nuts.  I fell in love with Jillian a few years ago when she did Losing It and ever since I’ve been following her like a semi-stalker.  If you think you know Jillian, listen to this podcast.  She is completely different than how she’s portrayed on Biggest Loser.  Jillian brings it every single time, and her realness and tough love and empathy make me want to be a better person and, in her words ‘maximize my life’.  Plus, her relationship with her producer Janice is absolutely hysterical and I love it when she jokes around with her and makes fun of Janice being Canadian.  My personal favorite part of the podcast is when she receives calls from listeners.  She’s so supportive of their stories and is so encouraging, but of course tough when she needs to be.

The Nerdist Podcast
Basically you either love Chris Hardwick or wish someone would forcefully sedate him.  He’s grown on me.  I mostly listen to this podcast because of all the great people he gets as guests – the most recent episode is George R.R. Martin, which obviously caused me to FREAK OUT and will be the soundtrack to my work drive tomorrow.  Chris appeals to me because of his genuine love for all things nerd, and I also have a special place in my heart for his ‘sister wives’, or co-hosts, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira.  Go download the Joe Manganiello episode and try not to fall in love with all four of them.

The Dead Authors’ Podcast 
Paul F. Tompkins (portraying H.G. Wells) interviews comedians playing, well, dead authors.  Some of the details of the author’s lives are true, and others are, well, not.  My personal favorite episode of this one is the Brothers Grimm – obviously – that includes a very sickly Wilhelm and an increasingly violent H.G., as well as the one where Nick Kroll plays Jorge Luis Borges sporting an incredibly thick Spanish accent.  Must be heard to be believed.  Although they could have more female authors.  IMHO.

Go Bayside! 
A podcast on Saved by the Bell! Writer/comedian April Richardson invites comedians/friends of hers to her house, where they watch episodes of Saved by the Bell and critically analyze them.  So…the greatest podcast on planet Earth.  She just did the episode “Jessie’s Song” which is the one with the Jessie Spano Caffeine Pill Meltdown, and it was everything I wanted it to be.

Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction w/ Bryan Cook
The iTunes description says it all:
Comedians compete writing and performing Erotic Fan Fiction pieces, based upon their whims or audience suggestion. It’s really stupid.  
Stupid, and priceless.

So.  New name, new week, new possibilities.  Join me?


Published by The Curious Ally Cat

I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

2 thoughts on “New Blog, Cool People.

  1. Scanning my subscriptions today I realized I hadn't seen a post from you in quite a while and clicking on the link I see the blog had been removed!
    Minor google snooping lead me here – yay! Reading to see what I have missed.


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