Thinking Thursdays.

I don’t necessarily have a huge update at the moment, at least nothing that I can fully elaborate on at the moment.  But I think by putting them down into bullet points, you can see why I might be a little bit more absent from the blog in the next few weeks and months.  Currently I am trying to write out as many posts as possible so I can simply press PUBLISH over the course of now to perhaps November, but I want to hear from you! Follow me on Twitter (@allyauriemma) and tell me what you want me to talk about here.  Otherwise it’s just going to be a lot of rambling about my research.

1. PhD application time! My number one choice is obviously UConn, but sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want so I’m also planning to apply to Pitt, Rutgers, Florida, San Diego State, Ohio State, and Texas A&M.  The thought of going anywhere other than UConn to get my PhD is not too fun, but I’ve had a lot of time – like, three years – to think about what I want to do with my academic career, and it wasn’t until I came to UConn for my Masters that I truly became an academic and wanted this as a career at all.  So I think putting that across in my application will help me. 

2.  Another adjuncting year has begun! This semester I’m teaching English 1010, which is Academic Writing for Nonfiction, so I’ll basically be talking my intrepid students through a lot of body/sexuality/gender stuff throughout the semester.  I hope they aren’t too freaked out.  So far it’s been great; they seem on board with what I’m trying to do, but then again it’s only been two class periods.  I even have a couple of seniors who are seriously invested and part of the process.  We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

3. I’m probably the last person on Earth but I read The Fault In Our Stars this weekend over the course of two days (sometimes reading makes me shut down my entire life). Aside from some problems I have with its overall tone, it did some pretty beautiful things with its dialogue and setting choices and I think John Green is insanely talented overall.  Plus I’m a fan of his vlog channel he runs with his brother, Hank.  Also, he’s a die-hard Liverpool fan, so…he’s great.  The rest of the book actually gives me a lot of great places to go with an academic article regarding the performance of illness and youth in the text and how that can affect our reading of Hazel and Augustus, but we shall see.

4. My opinion on Syria: I don’t want us to bomb them.  I think it’s a horrible idea that will only lead to more deaths.  At the same time, I don’t want any more children to die from chemical warfare.  I feel like there has to be another option, but no one is actively searching for that third choice.  So in the meanwhile, I remain thankful that I am not the one in control of our country’s major foreign policy decisions and choose to be a good person every single day, and hopefully the thoughts and actions of my own life contribute to the world in some way.  I just feel that bombs aren’t the answer to bombs.  Additionally, I am profoundly proud to have a senator who voted against our military intercession.

5. Thank you all for your lovely comments on my post concerning my chronic anxiety.  I’m pretty positive that the past year or so has been one concerned with me battling a form of depression that started when I took a course last fall revolving around genocide literature.  I thought I’d be totally fine, but in reality reading that much traumatic literature is not good for someone with my sensitive brain.  It screwed me up for a LONG time, to the point where I would cry for no reason all the time. I also spent a good course of this past spring semester in a huge depression as well, coming off the two years of graduate work and suffering from severe estrogen excess that needs regulation (you name the excess symptom and I had it for WEEKS.)  I’ve spent the past five months in a concerted attempt to regain balance and peace in my life which has included a workout routine centered around tons of yoga, clean eating, and medication to help regain some of the equilibrium I lost.  The point of all of this is, it’s working.  I’m the happiest I’ve been in years, and this month was the first time in nearly two years I haven’t had a day of total and utter hysterical meltdown-ness (except for yesterday in a fit of career panic). Depression is a disease of the chemicals in your brain.  Don’t let it win.

I don’t think anything else major happened today…but check back with me tomorrow.


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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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