Hiatus (Pain Demands To Be Felt)

“My dear friend and mentor, Seane Corn, once told me, ‘I wish you plenty of pain.’ Once I got past the ‘but I thought we were friends’ reaction, she explained what she meant. Pain and injury are what allows us to grow. If we were to skate through life without a care, we would breeze past so many beautiful nuances that make us who we are. It’s the pain and struggle that give us power and stability; the strongest trees bear the deepest roots and can endure anything. So in that sense, injury isn’t always this dark angel out to get us—often it’s the perfect recipe for allowing us to experience empathy, growth, and compassion.” – Kathryn Budig. 

I’m going through the valley, guys. I need to take some time away from this space. 

I’ll be back soon, with new stories and new journeys. But for now, I need silence. I need this pain. Because as John Green so elegantly put it, pain demands to be felt. 

Published by The Curious Ally Cat

I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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