Spring is here and I am pumped. The fall and winter, while immeasurably less sad than last summer (which we will all refer to as The Summer That Must Not Be Named), were still slightly melancholy, and every day I wake up, see the flowers starting to bloom on the giant tree outside my house, and feel a rebirth in my chest. Spring is the time to clear stuff out, clean stuff up, and look forward to the start of warmer weather. I can’t wait to get into my summer clothes, go down to the beach house, and do all of the things that my depression and heartbreak forbade me to do last summer. Chief among those things is HAVE SOME DAMN FUN.

I stole this meme from Megan, a dear friend of mine who lives in Canada. Fun fact – did you know that the equivalent of Dunkin’ Donuts in Canada, Tim Hortons, calls their Munchins “Timbits”? TIMBITS! And their Prime Minister is extremely handsome. Google him. “Justin Trudeau.” I’ll wait.

Anyway! On to the survey.

Making: Time. Art. Peace. And a book! Sort of. I don’t want to talk too much about it because I want to keep some of the details of this private. But this summer will be The Summer I Finish The Book.

Cooking: A lot more now that I have a month off from performing! Right now my favorite thing to make for dinner is ridiculously simple but so, so good. I saute up a giant pile of shredded Brussels sprouts with coconut oil. Once they’re done I plate them, then sear some firm tofu that I’ve rubbed with taco seasoning and salt/pepper, and lightly heat up some corn tortillas in the oven and douse them in guacamole and some vegan shredded cheese. Tada! Vegan tofu tacos. They are delicious, take about twenty minutes to throw together in one pan, and I could eat them for every single meal the rest of my life.

Drinking: Those ICE flavored sparkling water things. I’m obsessed. Probably too obsessed. My favorites are the Grapefruit and Nectarine Peach flavors. Delicious.

Reading: A Little Life by Hanya Yanigahara. I also just read Aim True by Kathryn Budig and really loved it, but in the way that I love reading about the way pretty yoga girls tell me how to be happy while not really believing any of it. (Seriously, the only people I trust in yoga are Kino MacGregor and Seane Corn.) I also got the Advanced Reader Copy of Eligible, the new Curtis Sittenfeld book based on Pride and Prejudice that I want to dig into.

Wanting: Clothes! I’ve been slowly getting rid of a ton of stuff in my closet, namely the size-2 jeans that my (glorious, Italian and fabulous) ass will never fit into again, and I haven’t shopped for anything new in about five months.

Looking: Pretty punkass fly if I do say so myself. I shaved the side of my head and I’m letting one side grow out, and I got complimented by a 10 year old girl at work today, so I’m feeling fairly confident about my life choices.

Playing: Lemonade. All day, every day. Lemonade. That and the new Drake song but apparently he dropped a new album last night, too?

Wasting: Time worrying about the election and the opinions of people on The Internet.

Wishing: That I didn’t worry so much about that stuff!

Enjoying: Our acclaimed run in Company! We closed last week and I’m so sad about not being able to go play with my friends tonight. However, I don’t miss ending every weekend drunk and stuffed from the cast parties. 😉

Waiting: For tonight when I get to go to our first rehearsal for Proof, the staged reading I’m doing as part of LTM’s Evenings @ 7. Not only am I starring in it, I’m producing it, and three of my close friends are going to be doing it with me with another . So freaked out and excited.

Liking: Snapchat! I resisted it for a LONG time, but I finally got it. I normally use it to stalk people from YouTube (and to check in on my brother who recently moved to Portland, OR) but I have been posting random thoughts and snippets of life here and there. I’m really dumb on it. Follow me on it! I’m at alysamarsiella

Wondering: If I should try going for a run this afternoon, or just stick to the elliptical and go running on Sunday. I’m trying to get back into running, now that the weather is getting nice and I can

Loving: Decaf iced coffee with sugar free mocha from Starbucks. If they put the right amount in, it tastes like a chocolate milkshake.

This nice weather continues, although it could be a little warmer outside!

Marveling: At how big my littlest nephew has gotten. It seems like yesterday I went to visit my sister at the hospital when she had him in October, and now he’s all smiling and picking his head up and stuff. He’s also got a big head. He’s in the 90th percentile. Not to mention my godson is finally speaking in full sentences and the oldest one is going to be in FIRST GRADE next year. I just want to cast some sort of spell on them like ‘STOP GROWING, NOWWWWW’

Needing: To get my grading done without feeling like my shoulder is going to fall off. I have a lot of over-use problems in my right shoulder and as a result my neck gets into spasm. Thankfully I’ve got a boss chiropractor, so it’s been very helpful. But still – I have 19 papers to get done this week.

Smelling: Like the coconut lotion someone left at work. I put it all over my face and hands.

Wearing: Lots of dresses and rompers because they’re comfortable AF, as well as leggings on the days Connecticut pulls a Connecticut and decides to drop 20 degrees.

Following: Matt Doyle on Instagram (@MattFDoyle). Lots of pictures of his dogs, and of Matt in a suit, and of Matt working out without a shirt. The ratios are perfect.

Noticing: That I need to get new bras! One of mine broke during Avenue Q and I had to perform an entire show with the back safety-pinned together.
Knowing: That life is good. No matter what.

Thinking: About all of the work I have to get done.

Bookmarking: So many dessert recipes that I know I logistically have no time to bake.

Opening: Hopefully a show this summer!

Feeling: Pretty good, if a little sleepy. Also happy for two of my friends who are getting married today!

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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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