Moonbeams, Part Deux.

It’s been a while!

No, seriously. It’s been a while. I just checked and it’s been a solid 10 months since I’ve updated. Now that I’m on a little bit of a break from work, I thought I would send you guys a missive from the crazy train that is my life. I was inspired by the brilliant and beautiful Chelsea Levinson, who has started a new writing venture called Chelsea Processing that you should check out immediately because it is gorgeously designed and so. totally. Chelsea.

So, here I am. After so many months, and a lot of changes, and lot of career and relationship and friend shifts in my life. Here I am. Here’s an update for you, in bullet points because I’m lazy.

  1. I did one show – The Addams Family – and I’m in another one – August: Osage County – and they couldn’t be more different than one another. In the first one, I had the tremendous privilege to play Morticia, a part I’ve salivated over for years but never in a million years thought I could play. Not only did I give what I think is my most assured performance in years, but I made amazing friends along the way. August: Osage County is completely different because I get to wear no makeup, at all, and all of my outfits are crazy comfortable, and it’s the least self-conscious performance I’ve given. We open on Friday!
  2. I got a job! For now. Back in November, I received a message from a teacher from Miss Porter’s School asking if I would like to come in and demo for the English department, because they were looking for a long term sub for one of their teachers who was going on maternity leave. I got the message while I was running to teach one of my freshman English classes at UConn, and I spent the whole class oscillating between fear and excitement. Finally, after some time to think about it (as well as text messages from my friends saying DO IT, DO IT) I called up the department head and told him I was in. We had a demo day, I was hired, and for the last month and a half I’ve been a full time English teacher at my alma mater. Being on this campus and teaching in the classes I was in as a student is surreal, to put it mildly. But I am so, so grateful and honored to be here. I’m up for the permanent position in the fall, and I am really, really hopeful I get it.
  3. My body continues to change. At the recommendation of my nutritionist, I’ve gone low-starch – I upped my protein and fat intake, and narrowed down my sugars, gone completely dairy and gluten free, and I’ve really tried to stay away pre-made foods and sodium-filled stuff. The results have been pretty insane. Right now I’m trying to make sure I get enough to sustain me for the show, but it’s been really interesting to see how my body is okay with a lower amount of carbs. (NOT a lower amount of food, FYI.) What do I eat? Everything that isn’t a heavy starch – fruits, vegetables, SO MANY EGGS, salads, soups, coconut, seeds, dairy free protein bars. There are many days of the week I’m fully vegetarian, and then there are other days I up my meat intake. One night a week I have a dessert or something to stave off the “GIMME SUGAR” feeling, but honestly, I don’t really miss it that much. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.


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I'm a 34 year old adjunct professor and writer in Connecticut. People seem to like me because I am polite and I am rarely late.

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