My name is Alysa, but please call me Ally.

I am an English teacher at a single-sex boarding school here in Connecticut. I also coach basketball and volleyball, because who needs sleep.

I am a queer feminist and anti-racist educator who believes in decolonizing the syllabus.

I’m a supporter of intersectional feminism, LGBTQ+ civil liberties, Indigenous nations, and Black Lives Matter.

I reside outside of Bolton, CT, and eventually I would like a cat.

Here on this blog you’ll find a mishmash of things – rants on sports, children’s literature, pop culture, women’s issues, and the like.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Ally, found your blog while attempting to ascertain the latest info on your dads illness. Hope he is doing better. Loved the ‘Rocky Top ‘ story and was equally impressed with the recent story regarding cultural biases toward women. Time for the World to GROW UP! Thank you


  2. Ally, I just read your piece on the ESPN website (http://www.espn.com/espnw/voices/article/18647289/watching-my-dad-coach-women-basketball-helped-become-feminist?addata=espn:frontpage). As a father of a 17-year-old high school senior, as a basketball coach, and as an English teacher, I found your words helpful. For many years I’ve worried whether I was giving my daughter and the young women I have coached and taught a balanced “push” of support. Your willingness to share your perspective as “the coach’s kid” eases my mind.

    Interestingly, your father and I have a few connections, though he may not know it. When I was completing my Masters degree at Springfield College, Rebecca Lobo was at Southwick High School and was part of my thesis work before she headed to UConn. When I was a College Counselor at New Hampton School, I encouraged Emily Mattson to attend UConn and to apply for the Women’s Basketball Manager position. I’ve been in Gampel Pavilion during practice and seen your father, his assistants, and the players work. I can see how he could hold your hand to lend support and also ask, “But do you know what work is involved?”

    Good luck with this blog, your other writing, and being an adjunct. Please know your “voice” has been heard. Best, Darren L. Redman


  3. Ally,

    I just wanted to say great article on how men should be as fathers. My wife recently filed for divorce and I have two young boys and every day is tough as she paints me as a monster and I know I am caring, thoughtful, and was just not able to live up to her expectations on how a marriage should be. Anyway your article made me think of just how important my role still is here on this Earth for my boys do that they may grow up to be good men better than me and owning up to mistakes and being a caring human being, giving back and not being selfish, and just out to be successful in your own.
    Thank you so much for an inspiring article, your dad is a hell of a dad, that I hope I can be like for my boys.


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