meet me in st. louis…and bring an umbrella!

I have no idea how these girls manage to keep up this frenetic pace in the postseason.  I’m not even doing half the work they’re doing and I feel like I’m about to keel over.  But since we arrived here in Missouri today, I might as well impart what went on today.  It will beContinue reading “meet me in st. louis…and bring an umbrella!”

eating meat on fridays still is a problem…

First of all let me say this: GO WILDCATS! I was thrilled watching last night’s Villanova/Duke game (I am the daughter of Philly people, after all).  Nova played an incredible game from a defensive standpoint.  They forced Duke to play their tempo, and by the end of the game, Coach K’s team was completely wornContinue reading “eating meat on fridays still is a problem…”

cue the theme from ‘jaws’

If this blog looks slightly disjointed it’s because I’m currently pulling myself out of the depths of a disgusting virus that’s currently having a field day on my ENT.  Now that I’m properly medicated and fed (Amy’s Organic Soups are ridiculously delicious), I’m ready to blog!   Dad’s way of dealing with my sickness wasContinue reading “cue the theme from ‘jaws’”