If Presidential Candidates Were In the Marvel Universe.

Warning: SO MANY SPOILERS for the Civil War arc of Captain America, and probably a TON of spoilers for Captain America: Civil War. If you want to go into the movie unspoiled, GO AWAY NOWWWWW. This was inspired by a series of (admittedly slightly drunk) Tweets I made last night in which I decided to outlineContinue reading “If Presidential Candidates Were In the Marvel Universe.”

joy, gratitude, grace.

The title of this post comes from Brene Brown, whose book Daring Greatly was recommended to me by my therapist earlier on in the summer. Aside from kicking me in the gut on various pages (my copy is already dog-eared and wrecked up with hundreds of underlined and highlighted passages), Brene has offered me so many differentContinue reading “joy, gratitude, grace.”

A Crash Course in Dictatorship, By Way of Romania.

History lesson, guys!   A lot of people have been comparing President Trump to Hitler. Godwin’s Law, I know. But hear me out. There’s a little bit more here. I think the rhetoric makes for an apt comparison (they both have the same type of rhetorical language; Hitler’s was based on Germany actually being aContinue reading “A Crash Course in Dictatorship, By Way of Romania.”

An Open Letter to President Donald Trump.

How dare you. No. Seriously. Take a second and breathe this in. How dare you. J’accuse, POTUS. J’accuse. I accuse you of the following crimes. Failing to release your tax returns, which obviously just gives everyone in the country  the impression that you fucked your taxes like Tory Lane. The people who voted for you didn’t give aContinue reading “An Open Letter to President Donald Trump.”