My Friendship with a Star. Sort of.

Tonight, the TNT drama Public Morals makes its television debut. Created by Ed Burns and produced by Steven Spielberg, the series spotlights Irish-American cops in New York City trying to deal with crooks both petty and major, with the focus on NYPD’s head of the Public Morals Division, Terry Muldoon, and the various people thatContinue reading “My Friendship with a Star. Sort of.”

Addictions: How I Got Off The Internet, Kind of, and So Can You!

My name is Ally Auriemma and I am addicted to my phone. I’m in active recovery, but I’m still trying to figure out this new relationship with a piece of technology that has taken over my life. Last year, when ESPN did the Geno Project, there was a cute moment where my Dad suddenly pickedContinue reading “Addictions: How I Got Off The Internet, Kind of, and So Can You!”

The World Only Spins Forward: On People Pleasing, Being Alone, and Letting Go.

I have spent a lot of time on my own this summer. Some of that was not by choice. When you find yourself at the end of something, there tends to be a few responses. First, you go numb. Second, you get mad. You throw things away and cut all of your hair off andContinue reading “The World Only Spins Forward: On People Pleasing, Being Alone, and Letting Go.”

Hiatus (Pain Demands To Be Felt)

“My dear friend and mentor, Seane Corn, once told me, ‘I wish you plenty of pain.’ Once I got past the ‘but I thought we were friends’ reaction, she explained what she meant. Pain and injury are what allows us to grow. If we were to skate through life without a care, we would breezeContinue reading “Hiatus (Pain Demands To Be Felt)”

Mental Health Awareness Month: Darkness and Light.

Therapist is a wonderfully kind and empathic woman with a softly painted office and a couch I could take a thousand naps on. When I first met with her, she sat across from me, with no notepad or anything in her hands, which automatically put me at ease because it meant she was actually goingContinue reading “Mental Health Awareness Month: Darkness and Light.”

learn to love the questions themselves.

One of my favorite writers is the German poet and philosopher Rainer Maria Rilke. You may know him from his famous collection Letters to a Young Poet, or from that giant tattoo that sits on Lady GaGa’s arm. Anyway. At one point in Letters… he says, “Be patient toward all that is unsolved in yourContinue reading “learn to love the questions themselves.”

Anxiety/Depression Part Five: Abyss. (Guest Post)

Hi guys. This post is a guest post by a good friend of mine who asked if he could share his story of anxiety, depression, and suicidation with my readers. For the sake of his privacy, he will remain anonymous. I hope you read his powerful, nakedly honest account of struggling with suicidal thoughts and know thatContinue reading “Anxiety/Depression Part Five: Abyss. (Guest Post)”

On Sports, Erasure, and Media Narrative.

So far, this trip to Tampa is proving much more satisfactory than the previous visit in 2008, when it rained the entire time and we lost and it was terrible and we will not speak of it again. So far, I’ve had one of the most relaxing and fun Final Fours in recent memory. AsContinue reading “On Sports, Erasure, and Media Narrative.”