My Random Thoughts on the NCAA and Perfection and Stuff.

This turned into a monster and I regret nothing. 1. Kentucky has an opportunity to go undefeated. They’re the first team since UNLV to reach the Final Four with an unblemished record, which is damn impressive. Let’s be honest – it’s much harder in the men’s game to go undefeated. Well, it’s hard to doContinue reading “My Random Thoughts on the NCAA and Perfection and Stuff.”

Work Worth Doing: A Tribute to Leslie Knope.

The same reason I love politics is the same reason I will never go into politics – the concept of fighting the system, of trying to make the country better, when so many people want things to either remain the same (broken) or destroy it further. I feel like politics are for either the mostContinue reading “Work Worth Doing: A Tribute to Leslie Knope.”

2014: The Year of Mistakes.

Every few years, Neil Gaiman (who is one of my favorite people on the planet) writes some New Year’s wishes and posts them on his website. Three years ago, he wrote this: I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.┬áBecause if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, tryingContinue reading “2014: The Year of Mistakes.”

Star Wars: A (Not Very) Brief and Awkward History.

Up until last month, I hadn’t seen the original Star Wars trilogy in their entirety. HEAR ME OUT. I say “entirety” because when I was in seventh grade my science teacher, in an effort to stay “hip”, brought in a VHS of A New Hope and showed us the scenes where the hologram of PrincessContinue reading “Star Wars: A (Not Very) Brief and Awkward History.”

The Best Christmas Specials of All Time. OF ALL TIME.

Hey guys – did you miss me? I apologize for my lengthy, lengthy time off. The semester decided to do a number of things to me (and my body) that were not appreciated. First of all, I was a bridesmaid in two weddings in the span of a month, which caused me to bruise aContinue reading “The Best Christmas Specials of All Time. OF ALL TIME.”

Feminist Friday: On Privilege, Lena Dunham, and the Right To Exist.

I received a copy of Lena Dunham’s┬áNot That Kind of Girl for my birthday, and although I haven’t read it yet, I’ve skimmed some reviews. Let’s be honest – Lena Dunham is a firecracker for a lot of people. She used to be one for me. Either you love her to death or you wishContinue reading “Feminist Friday: On Privilege, Lena Dunham, and the Right To Exist.”

Special Post – Reflections on 28, Thoughts for 29.

Hey, all of you gorgeous crazy people. So first things first – today is my birthday. I’m 29. Yeesh. I’m the youngest of my friend group by a wide mileage. Most of my friends in school had their birthdays in the summer, so I was always the youngest kid in the class. It makes senseContinue reading “Special Post – Reflections on 28, Thoughts for 29.”

TV Tuesday: How Outlander Told the Male Gaze to Eff Off.

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t having any of it. Maybe it’s because I was afraid of it, desperately, until I was in my mid-twenties. If you hit on me at a party I immediately found the nearest exit and took it. But for about ten-fifteen years or so, I was completely obsessed with sex. NotContinue reading “TV Tuesday: How Outlander Told the Male Gaze to Eff Off.”

Feminism Friday: Intolerable Images.

Two years ago I took a course in Testimony and Human Rights in which we read and discussed works of testomonial literature (Shoah, the work of Primo Levi and Rigoberta Menchu, etc.) and at some point we read an essay by Jacques Ranciere titled “The Intolerable Image.” Speaking on pictures and photography of war andContinue reading “Feminism Friday: Intolerable Images.”